It’s not my fault that I’m a curvy redhead with big boobs; apparently women’s husbands watch my videos.


Other women have complained that their husbands watch THIS curvy woman’s TikToks, but she doesn’t mind.

The redhead claims not to mind being pursued by married men.


The self-proclaimed redhead seems unbothered when it comes to the attention of married men


Houston native Allison (@yourprettyallison) takes every opportunity to show off her stunning physique on the video sharing platform TikTok.

She lip-synced the line “I love my boobs” in a viral video. Having one of these is a blast.

She finished the video with a wink and a mouthed apology to feminists.

In yet another clip, Allison danced while her ample breasts jiggled in the camera’s frame.

I have big boobs & hips but a tiny waist, my body makes me look 'fat' in dresses
I have big boobs, I did a Skims swim haul, it looked so good men ask to marry me

If this is on your For You page, it means you have a thing for curvy redheads.

In the video’s description, she posed the question, “Am I right?”

To which one viewer commented: “Absolutely.”

Users on TikTok were similarly awestruck, commenting “wow” and “heart eyes” emojis on her video.

While most of the feedback Allison receives is positive, not all of it is encouraging.

She even addressed one specific criticism leveled at her in a different video.

Her red hair was loosely hanging down as she wore a low-cut top.

‘My husband’s always watching your videos!’ the screen proclaimed in an irritated wife’s voice.

At the end of the video, however, Allison gives a wink and bites her lip, suggesting that she doesn’t care and is actually encouraging the trolls.

“Good to know,” she captioned the post in response to the hateful comment.

The TikToker egged on her hate comment by replying 'good to know'



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