I’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that I never lose my Tesco Clubcard, and while the store’s employees are still shocked, I have no remorse.


A TESCO devotee who tattooed his Clubcard QR code on his wrist defended his decision, saying he has “no regrets” despite the fact that the £18 he has saved is not enough to justify the pain.

A 31-year-old shopper named Dean Mayhew got a QR code tattooed on his wrist and has no trouble scanning it to make purchases.


The father-of-three would often leave his loyalty card at home when he ventured out


Dean had been thinking of getting the tattoo for months before finally inking up


The proud papa of three is also happy to spread the joy by photographing his loyalty card and sending it to his friends for their own personal use.

Dean got the tat in July and says he has “no regrets” about it, despite the fact that rising food prices have left the British eager to cut costs wherever they can.

Although he has only saved £18 so far, the scaffolder is confident that he will be able to afford his Christmas celebration without going into debt.

He lamented, “The cost of everything keeps rising, so I always have it scanned right away.

I plan to put the points toward Christmas expenses.

Dean got the ink done by Dan Rossetter, 39, at A Star Tattoo in Chessington, Surrey, on July 16 of last year.

Dean keeps his wrists hairless as a preventative measure to ensure the safety of the savings.

“Sometimes for presents, in the toy section things will be half the price when you get a Clubcard discount,” Dean continued.

I’ve also done things like doing a big shop at Tesco and then using the points I’d accumulated to pay for half of it.

To paraphrase, “It will help out a lot, particularly this year with everything going up in price.

“I definitely don’t regret getting the tattoo.”

Dean admits that he is considering etching another loyalty card code in the near future, despite his recent inked purchase.

Dean explained his reasoning for getting a Nectar Card tattoo on his arm: “I could use the one on my phone but I want to use the one on my arm as it’s funny.”

In light of a tattoo expert’s recent revelations about the most horrific and risky spots to get inked, as well as the often thin line that many tattoo enthusiasts walk between “mutilation” and “inking up,” this is not surprising.

According to The Sun Online, one bride-to-be has gotten a tattoo of her future husband’s initials in order to spice up their wedding night sex life.


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