Jana Kramer Considers Legal Action After Allegedly Naming Former Fling Jay Cutler’s Beer Company


Even though Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler’s relationship has been over for several months, the country singer continues to follow the former quarterback, and she doesn’t like what she sees.

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Through her “Whine Down” podcast, Kramer appeared to criticize her ex-boyfriend, alleging that she assisted him in starting his beer company Gratis without receiving any credit.

“I called his beer company when this person and I were hanging out. I gave it a name. The One Tree Hill alumnus, 38, began by saying, “I have proof,” before apparently bringing up Cutler’s ex-wife, Kristin Cavallari. Now, this person also became very upset that he was using someone else’s business name without being paid. It’s common to feel angry about that.

Kramer repeated herself, emphasizing the word “uncommon,” perhaps alluding to Cavallari’s Uncommon James, a line of clothing she introduced while she was married to Cutler.

The “Whiskey” singer continued, “I even gave the whole, like, what it stands for, how you should promote it. And then he would ask me, “What is this design?,” to which I would reply, “This design looks great.’ Then I would receive a call from Decker, Jesse James because I had still told her. And when she says, “Oh, it’s out,” I respond, “He did not use the name? “, adding, “Oh, and the same design!” I’ll promote it too!

Jana Kramer Claims She Named Jay Cutler's Beer Company, Debates Legal Action

While Kramer clarified that she is not “asking for a check,” she expressed the desire to hear from the former NFL player.

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He at least had the option of emailing. My complaint is to email and say, “You know what? I appreciate the name. We will proceed with it. And I value it,” she remarked. That was all I wished for. … “Hello, branding genius.”

Kramer’s friends and her podcast producer then got into a discussion, which made her wonder if she could actually seek monetary compensation.

Kramer asserted, “I have text proof between him and his partner,” before revealing she doesn’t even like beer. “I’m not going to pursue wealth. I was in this very brief relationship with this person, despite the fact that again. It’s a bit hypocritical of him, in my opinion, so I ask, “Then why were you so upset about the other person’s business that you named?”

Kramer might be alluding to Cutler and Cavallari sparring over the brand in 2021 while going through a divorce, which Us Weekly at the time confirmed. On a 2018 episode of her former reality series Very Cavallari, the Laguna Beach alum jokingly said: “He thinks he owns half of this company, and he does not. Not on our nonexistent prenuptial agreement.

Camden, 10, Jaxon, 8, and Saylor, 6, are the children of the ex-couple, who announced their divorce in 2020. Cutler disclosed the former couple’s divorce settlement in June.

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In an interview with his podcast “Uncut With Jay Cutler,” he claimed, “When the settlement came through, I threw a party.” “I don’t advise anyone to get a divorce. That’s all I’m going to say, but it turned out. For Kristin, it turned out well. For me, it worked out, so it is what it is.

In contrast, Cutler and Kramer became associated in September 2021. She and Jay went on a few dates in October, but things between them seemed to fizzle out, a source told Us. They are no longer in contact with one another.

Regarding Kramer’s allegations regarding Cutler’s beer company, Gratis, Us Weekly has contacted Cutler.


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