Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom fame has been criticized for what some have called her “garbage” family meal of “junk food” while she is trying to lose weight.


JENELLE Evans recently shared a video to her social media accounts showcasing a family dinner, but the food didn’t go over well with her followers.

The Teen Mom 2 star documented her experience with some of the new dishes she had ordered online in a TikTok video.


The star was slammed for making a whole meal out of 'junk food'


Husband David Eason, 34, of reality star Jenelle, was filmed opening a delivery of prepackaged food.

In a flash, 31-year-old Jenelle prepared mini pizzas, cheese sticks, mini churros, and chicken rings in the kitchen oven.

Then she showed the pizza being eaten by two of her three children, Kaiser, eight, and Ensley, six, and declared it “kid approved.”

Fans, however, were quick to take to Reddit in order to express their displeasure with the dish.

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Another fan of Jenelle’s put up the clip with the caption “Beige dinner ft Jenelle not chewing with her mouth closed.”

A commenter replied: “All of that looked like garbage, wow. Something like a butcher’s box full of meats was more what I had in mind. She merely heated up some frozen leftovers from the cafeteria and served them in an unclean pan.

The second person chimed in, “LMFAO was that all just a bunch of frozen fried food?! I just want to know where her mind is at in order to understand why she finds this amusing enough to share with the world.

Naturally, it has the stamp of approval from the kids, since it’s just junk food that stoners eat.

After the star announced her fitness journey, some MTV viewers questioned her motives.

Even with her 4,000 calorie days, that “mom pouch” is getting bigger thanks to those 2 workouts, said the critic.

I had the impression she was on a health and fitness kick. Another person chimed in, “This is literally junk food.

Another person commented, “At least make the kids some real food. They’re not too busy to prepare meals.”


Last month, Jenelle posted about her weight loss goals on Instagram.

The mother made her announcement by posting photos of herself on Instagram, smiling and dressed for exercise.

‘Cheers to my new journey to get rid of the ‘Mommy Pouch’ and the love handles,’ she wrote as a caption.

“Started working out today and it feels great!”

In spite of this, the reality star has taken a lot of heat for the food she and her kids eat.

After Jenelle flaunted her “all carbs” packed lunches for her children, the topic of her parenting skills entered the debate.

She also received criticism from her fan base after posting photos of what appeared to be an empty pantry in her home.

David recently posted a photo of Jenelle at a diner with a huge meal, and he immediately responded to the criticism of her diet.

You can’t exercise off the “baby belly” and “love handles” if you eat like that, as one person put it.

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David responded with a simple: “Wrong.”

Then Jenelle chimed in, “But I’ll remember this comment when I’m showing off my 6 pack in a few months.”

The video showed Jenelle and two of her children - Kaiser, eight, and Ensley, six - digging into the carb-based dinner


Some fans urged Jenelle to take the time to cook her children different meals, after she came under fire in the past for the content of their school lunches


Jenelle recently clapped back at critics who suggested that her weight loss goals couldn't be achieved with her current diet



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