Jeopardy! In a recent makeup-free video, host Mayim Bialik says she “cried at Disneyland.”


MAYIM Bialik has revealed that she “cried at Disneyland” in a new video.

There is a Jeopardy! During her break from the show, the host went without makeup.


The Jeopardy! host took some time off to enjoy time at the parks


Mayim shared a video to Instagram on Friday describing her excitement at finally meeting her favorite character.

“I tend to be a sensitive soul. That’s something everyone should know,” she said to start off the video.

“You know that character from Inside Out, the sad one, she’s my favorite,” Mayim said with a chuckle.

Contestant: “I saw her as a character at Disneyland, and I wanted to hug her, but they said she had to go on a break.” host began to laugh, saying.

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And because I really like her personality, I burst into tears because I couldn’t give her a hug.

And she slumped off, and I was crying at Disneyland because I couldn’t hug her,” the 47-year-old said.

She laughed so hard that she had to hide her face in her hands.

Mayim continued by saying that her boyfriend had suggested that she had explosive diarrhea and had to leave.

The hostess continued by saying she “didn’t care” and wanted to hug her anyway.

With the caption, “True story of how I cried at Disneyland the other day,” she revealed the emotional truth behind the photo.


Mayim was shown in the video to be at her house, where she was presumably standing in her living room.

Since someone else was filming her, she felt comfortable opening up.

She was dressed in oversized T-shirt featuring a young boy and sweatpants.

A messy ponytail held her hair back, and she wore no cosmetics.

On the other hand, Mayim wore a watch and a ring on her index finger.


Lots of her supporters wrote in to say they could relate to her plight.

I went to Disneyland when I was 27 and cried when I got to hug Chewbacca, so I totally get it. “When I saw him, I started crying, and then I had an ugly cry photo because he hugged me and put his hand or paw whatever on my head,” said one fan.

The commercial for dog food moved me to tears once. Certainly never during any of the broadcasts. “Also, a very sensitive soul xx,” added a third.

Thrilled by meeting Eeyore, another said, “I burst into tears. I’d never really connected with a Disney character before Eeyore, but that was before Belle discovered her passion for reading. Even as a young child, I could relate to and admire him.

What a wonderful thing. “I’m the same,” a devotee wrote.

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Another commenter praised the authenticity of your work.

One last fan shared: “I cry every time I hug Mickey Mouse. In my opinion, he is the real deal!

She said she is a very emotional person


Despite fans not liking her hosting style, many of her followers agreed with her on her crying


Mayim splits hosting duties with Ken Jennings after Alex Trebek passed away in 2020



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