Jeopardy! Ken Jennings, from the game show stage, gives an emotional tribute to Alex Trebek.


After 17 years on Jeopardy!, KEN Jennings has decided to retire. fans’ hearts after learning the game show has a custom Lego model on display.

In a touching Twitter video, he memorialized Alex Trebek (who would have turned 80 in 2020) by showing him hosting a miniature version of the show.


Ken wrote it's 'one of my favorite artifacts on our stage. Always nice to see Alex still hosting'


The present host of the game show posted a video of the Jeopardy!-themed prototype.

Everything from the animated audience members to the clue board was captured in minute detail on his video.

Three eager competitors stood before Alex, who, of course, was hosting.

Johnny Gilbert, the show’s longtime announcer and a spry 94 years young, was re-created in Lego form, right down to the red, classic model of his trademark side podium. varsity coats.

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The model was constructed in 2016, so both Johnny and Alex were at the height of their powers when they recorded the show’s iconic “this is Jeopardy!” introduction at home.

For the video’s description, Ken wrote, “This Lego model of the Jeopardy! I really appreciate our set; it’s a highlight of our stage. it’s great to see Alex is still hosting.


A supporter of Alex expressed their sadness for his absence by writing to Ken. We will always look to him as a source of encouragement and hope. Alex Trebek, rest in peace. We wish you were here with us.

Another supporter chimed in, “It’s the Lego Movie spinoff that *should* be made!”

There were also comments from people who “love everything about this.”

Someone said, “That just made my day, that’s so cool,” and someone else exclaimed, “That looks incredible!!

As shown in a separate Lego video, the construction of the model required 100 hours (or 200 Jeopardy! a series of episodes) to build.

Many of my Twitter followers are competitors who mentioned seeing the huge model during the competition but didn’t have time to stop and marvel at how accurate it was.


It was announced in the summer that Ken, along with 47-year-old actress Mayim Bialik, would permanently take over Alex’s hosting duties.

Alex died at the age of 80 from pancreatic cancer in 2020, leaving behind enormous shoes to fill. It took his successor two years of drama to do so.

After Mayim’s three-week teen tournament concluded on March 10, Ken began hosting until April 28.

After that, until August rolls around, Mayim will wrap up Season 39.

When someone recently inquired about Ken’s non-filming activities, Ken responded with a humorous tweet about what he does while Mayim hosts the tournament.

When Mayim is hosting, I lock myself in a freezer case like in the Alien movies, and vice versa.

Many viewers have made it clear they prefer the former 74-time champion as host, so many took the opportunity to criticize Mayim in the replies to the tweet.

I also frequent that establishment whenever she is hosting, as one commenter put it.

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Fans can look forward to even more Ken on May 1 when Mayim returns, as he will be hosting Jeopardy! ABC’s primetime Masters tournament is a round-robin event that spans 20 episodes.

The premiere date is still up in the air, but it’s expected to happen in the early spring. It will feature legendary actors like James Holzhauer.

One Twitter user replied: 'We all miss Alex so much, Ken!'


A closer look at the amazing model was shared by Lego and announcer Johnny Gilbert, 94, looked great


Alex Trebek looked ready to get to work - the Lego model is on Jeopardy!'s stage to this day



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