Jessie Wynter of “Love Island” goes braless in a silk top during a date night with boyfriend Will Young.


The LOVE Island star, Jessie Wynter, looked absolutely stunning as she stepped out in London with her boyfriend, fellow cast member Will Young.

The stunning Aussie has arrived in the UK with her farmer boyfriend Will to test the durability of their relationship.


The smitten pair couldn't keep their hands off each other as they shared a smooch


Jessie wowed in her silk top


They went to the restaurant STK looking as in love as ever, holding each other tightly the whole time.

Jessie, age 26, wore a green silk top with black pants and looked stunning.

The gorgeous reality star kissed her farmer boyfriend on the lips as she plaited her long brown hair into a ponytail.

23-year-old Will wore a patterned shirt with black pants and constantly touched his girlfriend.

After arriving back in the UK from the show, the couple went on an unusual date.

To do some late-night grocery shopping, the inseparable pair went to Tesco.

Jessie and Will had a great time roaming the aisles and recording their antics on TikTok.

For the video’s caption, Will simply wrote, “First late night Tesco trip.”

Jessie elucidated their first date’s supermarket destination in an interview with Heat for their Heat Dates YouTube series.

Yes!” exclaimed Jessie. Will kept mentioning Tesco as we drove past it; I asked, “What are you talking about?”; Australia lacks a Tesco, so he said, “Right, we’re going right now.” OMG, there were so many candles, and all the UK chocolates and everything.

Cleverly, she continued, “I’ll be honest, I’m a cheap date – not hard to please here.”

Following Jessie’s arrival in the UK, she allegedly ignored a member of her cast.

Jessie started following several of her co-stars on Instagram, such as Claudia Fogarty, Sanam Harrinanan, Samie Elishi, and Lana Jenkins.

But Tanyel, who was kicked out of the villa on day 24, isn’t on her list of people to follow.

Tanyel also doesn’t seem to be following Jessie.

The couple have been spending a lot of time together post-villa and headed to STK in London



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