Jill Biden is criticized by Donald Trump supporters for waving at demonstrators holding signs reading “Fake First Lady” during a protest.

Jill Biden has come under fire from TRUMP supporters after she waved at demonstrators holding signs reading “Fake First Lady” during a protest.

As Mrs. Biden arrived in Florida on Thursday to discuss the Biden Administration’s Cancer Moonshot initiative, protesters formed a line along a road.


Jill Biden is seen waving while Florida residents lined up to protest


Trump supporters amassed to show their allegiance to the former president


This protester held a 'TRUMP WON' flag, likely alluding to the conversation surrounding election fraud


Another protester holds a sign that proclaims 'take America back'


The First Lady was on her way to Florida to talk about a program that aims to cut the number of cancer-related deaths by half annually as the locals awaited her arrival.

Protesters can be seen adamantly expressing their support for the late president Donald Trump in photos obtained exclusively by The Sun.

A “TRUMP WON” flag is seen being waved by one supporter, alluding to the hotly contested election fraud.

In a speech about the Cancer Moonshoot initiative, Jill Biden urged Americans to band together to fight the disease’s devasting effects.

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According to The Palm Beach Post, she declared, “It’s not a red or blue issue.”

“It’s an American issue. It’s a global issue.

“To end cancer as we know it, we must all work together.”

She stated that the initiative will concentrate on granting those affected by cancer equal access to diagnostics and treatment.

Cancer, she said, “changes everyone it touches and, in a sense, touches us all.”

Cancer Moonshoot is an initiative from the Biden Administration


Jill Biden also visited a mammography screening center and met with Ambassador Nancy Brinker


Jill said 'cancer changes everyone it touches'


A new book claims that Dr. Jill yelled at hospital staff as President Joe Biden was being read his last rites in 1988 after suffering a brain aneurysm.

When doctors determined that Biden, then 45, was in such critical condition that they needed a priest to administer the sacrament, the first lady reportedly lost her cool.

Protesters stand along a road as Jill Biden rides into the town


One protester holds a sign that says 'Vamos Brandon'


The crowd had a variety of American flag paraphanelia


'Stop George Soros from destroying our great country'


'Joe's fault not Putins'


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