Jinyoung will enlist when? K-pop fans protest as a GOT7 star suggests doing military service.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: It appears that GOT7 idol actor Park Jinyoung will be the next well-known Korean figure to report for his required military service, and fans are unprepared. K-pop stars are not exempt from the requirement that all healthy South Korean men by the age of 30 enlist for a minimum of 18 months. However, there is bad news. All healthy Korean males born in 1994 must enlist by December 2022, the South Korean government declared in early 2022.

The new mandate has made it mandatory for those born in 1994 to enlist this year, even though they won’t turn 29 in Korean time until 2022. The loss of idols born in 1993, who have reached the Korean age of 30, and those born in 1994 is a disappointment for K-pop fans. This indicates that even though fans believed idols like Taeil from NCT, Kai and Sehun from EXO, Jay B and Jinyoung from GOT7, and Taeil from NCT had until 2023 to enlist, they will actually be starting their military service by December 2022.

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Jinyoung hints at military enlistment

Since the year 2022 began, Park Jinyoung has kept himself quite busy, taking part in a GOT7 comeback, having his popular K-drama “Yumi’s Cells 2” released, working on three movies, and providing the voice of Princess Aya in the animated movie. In any case, Jinyoung made an appearance on SBS’s radio program “Power Time” to promote “Princess Aya.” The idol actor once responded to a DJ’s remark, “You’re really working hard without rest,” by saying, “That’s because I have to go somewhere for about a year and a half so I have to work hard now.” He then smiled wistfully, and fans are pretty sure he’s referring to his military enlistment.

‘Why would he say this’

I’ll soon be “on military service,” a fan declared. A second Ahgase (GOT7 fan) tweeted, “Everyone I stan already went to military so i’m kinda numb now. Nice info bro. One fan wrote, “I can’t I can’t PLZZ.” Another said, “I can’t believe Jinyoung has to enlist this year.” One added, “Jinyoung too sexc to enlist I can take his place.” Another questioned, “WHY WOULD HE SAY THIS.” Another wondered when we would get his solo debut, “Bruuhh drop PJY1 now before it’s too late.” Another Ahgase shared pictures of his K




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