John Leguizamo is criticized for his “blind attack” on James Franco’s Castro role by producer John Martinez O’Felan.


The topic of representation in Hollywood has generated a lot of discussion. Communities like the LGBTQ+ community, Hispanics, and other minorities have been fighting for roles that are more representative of who they are for years. The production companies, however, frequently overlook the aforementioned communities due to their fascination with using well-known actors in their films. One such occurrence occurred when it was revealed James Franco would be portraying Fidel Castro in the upcoming film “Alina of Cuba.” Popular Colombian-born actor John Leguizamo immediately criticized the producers for choosing a white man to play the Cuban revolutionary as soon as the news spread online.

Leguizamo’s remarks, it appears, have angered the film’s creators, who have now spoken out about the situation. Martinez O’Felan, the actor’s producer, criticized the actor for his “uneducated” comments and referred to them as a “blind attack.” For those who are unaware, the “John Wick” star used Instagram on Friday to criticize the casting of Franco and ask Hollywood why it is attempting to “exclude” the Latinx community. Additionally, he declared that he is “boycotting” the upcoming film.


John Leguizamo, Ana Navarro, and Jeff Torres criticize James Franco for portraying Fidel Castro, saying “He ain’t Latino!”


James Franco has been called a “medium-talent white guy” for playing Fidel Castro in the biopic “Alina of Cuba.”


Leguizаmo continued, “How is Hollywood not only excluding us but аlso steаling our stories? No more steаling from streаmers аnd Hollywood! Boycott! It’s fucked up!

John Leguizamo attends the 94th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood and Highland on March 27, 2022 in Hollywood, California.

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