John Lennon’s Heartfelt Reunion: Overcoming Jitters and Profound Awkwardness with His Father.


John Lennon’s Estranged Father: Reunion and Discord


John Lennon, iconic member of The Beatles, had a tumultuous relationship with his father, Alfred Lennon. After two decades apart, Alfred unexpectedly showed up at John’s door in 1965. This encounter caused a mix of emotions, including anger and embarrassment for John, who had become a worldwide sensation. Let’s delve into the details of their reunion and the subsequent strained relationship between father and son.

The Unexpected Reunion

In the year 1965, Alfred Lennon, accompanied by a driver who had occasionally worked with The Beatles, arrived at John’s home. Cynthia, John’s first wife, answered the door, bewildered by the arrival of her husband’s long-lost father. Unable to turn him away, she asked Alfred to wait for John’s return, despite feeling uneasy about the encounter.

A Bittersweet Encounter

Cynthia described Alfred as a “charmer” despite his disheveled appearance. Throughout the visit, John displayed signs of anger and discomfort. His home, filled with opulence, contrasted starkly with Alfred’s financial struggles. This stark contrast made John increasingly embarrassed and ill at ease within his own abode.

Alfred’s True Motive

Cynthia believed that Alfred’s main objective for the visit was to solicit money from John. She felt that while Alfred may have been proud of his son’s achievements, money was his primary focus during the encounter. This conclusion left no doubt in her mind regarding Alfred’s intentions.

A Father’s Disappointment

Alfred’s disappointment in John extended beyond financial matters. Their conversations often turned into arguments about the reasons behind Alfred’s separation from Lennon’s mother. John’s choices, including accepting an MBE from the British monarchy and declining to give a speech at a literary luncheon in Alfred’s honor, further deepened the divide between father and son.

A Fractured Relationship

Following the reunion, John and Alfred maintained a strained relationship for several years. Their final meeting occurred on John’s 30th birthday, resulting in a heated argument that severed their ties for good. Alfred left the meeting with genuine concern for his safety, fearing that John might harm him.

Concerns for Safety

In a letter to his lawyer, Alfred vividly depicted his fear of John’s potential violence. He expressed a genuine belief that John intended to harm him, describing his countenance as “frightful” and recounting John’s detailed plans of disposing of his body at sea. This chilling encounter solidified Alfred’s concerns about his safety.


The reunion between John Lennon and his estranged father was marked by tension, disappointment, and fear. Despite fleeting moments of charm, their relationship ultimately deteriorated further after their encounter. The unresolved issues and conflicting emotions surrounding their reunion left an indelible mark on both father and son.


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