John Ritter’s Bold Reaction to Criticism of His ‘Three’s Company’ Spin-off Show: The Defiant Response!


Why John Ritter’s ‘Three’s a Crowd’ Didn’t Sit Well With Fans

Actor John Ritter, known for his success in the hit show Three’s Company, hoped to replicate that success with the spin-off Three’s a Crowd. However, certain decisions made with the program didn’t sit well with a section of the show’s audience. The spin-off saw Jack Tripper, Ritter’s character, surrounding himself with a new cast of characters, including his girlfriend Vicky. But the idea of an unmarried couple living together in the show didn’t resonate well with some fans, leading to a decline in the show’s popularity. Additionally, the secrecy surrounding the spin-off and the tension it caused within the original cast added to the negative reception of Three’s a Crowd.

What Fans Didn’t Like About John Ritter’s ‘Three’s a Crowd’

Even though Three’s Company enjoyed remarkable success during its run, the spin-off Three’s a Crowd received mixed reactions from fans and critics. The show’s decline in popularity was attributed to recycled plots, declining ratings, and new competition in the TV landscape. With the emergence of new shows like The A-Team, Three’s Company faced tough competition and eventually lost its lead-in, leading to its cancellation.

John Ritter, not ready to part ways with his iconic character, Jack Tripper, decided to further explore the character in the spin-off Three’s a Crowd. The show introduced a new set of characters, including his girlfriend Vicky, and placed Jack in an unmarried live-in relationship. This decision didn’t sit well with a portion of the audience, leading to concerns about the portrayal of an unmarried couple living together on TV, especially during prime time when younger viewers might be exposed to the program.

Joyce DeWitt Felt That ‘Three’s a Crowd’ Should’ve Been About Janet and Jack

Joyce DeWitt, who played Jack’s roommate Janet in the series, was caught off guard by the spin-off. The secrecy surrounding the spin-off and the lack of disclosure by the producers added further tension to the Three’s Company cast. This led to differences on the set and a strained relationship between the cast members. DeWitt felt that the spin-off should have been about Janet and Jack as a couple, rather than introducing new characters and changing the dynamics that had resonated so well with the audience.

While Three’s Company had been a huge success, Three’s a Crowd faced challenges both in plot reception and internal cast dynamics, ultimately leading to its cancellation after just one season.


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