Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller blame each other for their failed engagement in “Bachelor in Paradise” 2022, and viewers label both of them as “toxic.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo got engaged in the Season 8 finale of “Bachelor in Paradise,” but their relationship ended soon after the show’s filming. The two took the hot seat and leveled accusations at one another at the reunion on Tuesday, which divided fans.

The real estate agent revealed that he and the “Bachelor” Season 24 alum had broken up during the season finale on Tuesday, November 22. It really does break my heart that she isn’t sitting here next to me as my fiancée right now, Johnny said, trying to sound strong. I began to feel unworthy of her during the transitional period between leaving the set of a movie and the month after we got engaged. I really wanted to trust her, but I don’t know. And then we started fighting, and then rumors started spreading.

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Jesse Palmer, Johnny DePhillipo, and Victoria Fuller in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 Finale Part 2 (ABC)

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