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Drew Barrymore’s London Trip with British Airways

Drew Barrymore, despite being an A-list celebrity, is known for her down-to-earth and relatable personality. Her recent trip to London with her team to film a special episode of The Drew Barrymore Show has garnered much attention. The episode, which features the cast of the new Wonka movie and airs on Monday December 11, was filmed in the UK’s capital. What made headlines, in particular, was the delightful experience Drew and her team had while flying with British Airways.

A Comfortable Journey with British Airways

Calum Laming, British Airways’ Chief Customer Officer, expressed his delight at flying Drew and her team to London. He mentioned that they were proud to play a part in her first taping overseas and were pleased that Drew chose the popular airline for their journey from NYC to London. He also highlighted the uniquely British original experience they had on board, emphasizing the comfort and style provided during the flight.

The Drew Barrymore Show: London Special

The upcoming special episode of The Drew Barrymore Show features the cast of the new Wonka movie, including stars like Timothee Chalamet and Hugh Grant. As Drew’s talk show continues to gain popularity, the London special is anticipated to be a memorable and engaging episode.

Drew’s Personal Life and Relationships

Apart from her professional endeavors, Drew Barrymore also uses her talk show to share personal news with her fans. During a recent episode with Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew revealed that she had been in a relationship for around three years. She even mentioned that she met her partner through the elite dating platform, Raya, and discussed their journey together.

Inspiration from Taylor Swift

Additionally, Drew shared that her decision to open up about her relationship was inspired, in part, by Taylor Swift’s unabashedly open relationship with Travis Kelce. She highlighted Taylor’s calm, confident, and normal approach to dating, expressing her admiration for such a fearless attitude.

A Reminder to Remain Unfazed

Drew’s reflection on Taylor’s actions served as a reminder to remain unfazed by public opinion. She emphasized the need to stay calm, confident, and unaffected by what other people think, drawing inspiration from Taylor’s approach to her personal life.

Past and Present: Drew’s Journey

Prior to her current relationship, Drew was married to art consultant Will Kopelman, with whom she shares two young daughters, Olive and Frankie. Their separation in 2016 marked a new chapter in Drew’s life, and her openness about her personal journey has resonated with many fans.

As Drew continues to navigate her personal and professional life with grace and authenticity, her London trip with British Airways is just another example of her relatable and down-to-earth nature, both on and off-screen.

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