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Prince William Lauds Ecuador’s Crucial Work in the Battle against Climate Change

Earlier on Tuesday, Prince William met with President Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador, commending the nation for its significant efforts in combating climate change. During their audience, the Prince expressed his admiration, stating, “It’s amazing. This is really important; it is historic what you are doing.” As his gaze fell upon an Andy Warhol print of his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince could not help but acknowledge the importance of Ecuador’s contributions in the fight against global warming.

William speaks with the President of Ecuador

Weather and Environment Talks

In addition to discussing climate change, Prince William and President Guillermo Lasso also delved into other topics of interest during their meeting. Their conversation turned to the weather, and Prince William shared a light-hearted remark about his arrival in New York. He humorously mentioned that it was “pouring down” rain when he reached his destination on Monday. Glancing up at the clear blue skies above Manhattan, the Prince exclaimed, “We could have done with this weather!”

Prince William’s Praise for Ecuador’s Environmental Efforts

During the course of their conversation, Prince William expressed his sincere appreciation for Ecuador’s incredible work in protecting the environment. He commended the nation for its dedication and referred to its efforts as “fantastic.” However, the Prince admitted that comprehending the financial aspect of environmental initiatives requires a “business brain.”

Importance of Ecuador’s Environmental Role

Ecuador has emerged as a key player in the global fight against climate change. The nation’s dedication to preserving its remarkable biodiversity, which includes the Galapagos Islands, is commendable. Ecuador’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices has gained recognition worldwide. By implementing innovative strategies to combat global warming, the country serves as an inspiration to nations around the globe.

Ecuador’s Contributions to Oyster Reef Recreation

Prince William also had the opportunity to learn about a project to recreate oyster reefs in New York harbor. Although this endeavor took place far from Ecuador’s shores, the Prince acknowledged and admired the nation’s involvement in the initiative. The restoration of oyster reefs plays a vital role in improving marine ecosystems and protecting coastal communities from the effects of climate change.


In conclusion, Prince William’s meeting with President Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador highlighted the nation’s crucial work in the battle against climate change. Their conversation not only touched on Ecuador’s exemplary environmental efforts but also explored wider topics such as weather and marine conservation. By acknowledging and commending Ecuador’s contributions, Prince William reiterated the importance of global cooperation in tackling the challenges posed by climate change.


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