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Andrew Shayde’s Reality TV Journey Continues on ‘Buddy Games’

Andrew Shayde, a contestant from Kentucky who previously appeared on ‘Naked and Afraid: Castaways,’ has embarked on another reality TV adventure. He is now a part of the cast of the new CBS show ‘Buddy Games,’ hosted by Josh Duhamel.

Introducing ‘Buddy Games’ with Josh Duhamel as the Host

In ‘Buddy Games,’ six teams of four friends gather for an exciting and nostalgic summer camp experience. These close-knit groups compete against each other in a variety of mentally and physically challenging games. When they’re not testing their limits outdoors, they share living quarters in a lake house, which leads to renewed friendships and new rivalries. The ultimate prize for the last standing buddy team is $200,000 in cash and the prestigious ‘Buddy Games’ trophy.

As an executive producer on ‘Buddy Games,’ Josh Duhamel was inspired to bring his own tradition of buddy games to television. He expressed his excitement about the show, stating that it was a dream come true for him and his friends. Duhamel believes that the relatability of the show will resonate with viewers who also strengthen their friendships through similar activities.

Andrew Shayde and Team Pride on ‘Buddy Games’

The cast of ‘Buddy Games’ features various teams, including police officers from Chicago, pageant queens, and a roller derby team. One of the teams is Team Pride, consisting of Andrew Shayde, Bekah Telew from Seattle, Summer Lynne Seasons from Tigard, Oregon, and Steven Mosier from Portland, Oregon.

Andrew expressed his excitement about being a part of the reality show with his long-time friends. He described it as a summer camp experience with Josh Duhamel as the camp counselor. If Team Pride emerges as the winners, they plan to celebrate with a group vacation together.

Andrew’s Advantage: Experience from Previous Reality Shows

Andrew’s involvement in reality TV is not limited to ‘Buddy Games.’ He also appeared on Season 3 of ‘The Amazing Race.’ His experience from previous shows may give him an edge in this competition. Andrew remains determined to give his all to the challenges, avoiding any potential regrets.

The competitive nature of ‘Buddy Games’ involves activities such as balancing, obstacle courses, jumping off heights, swimming, encounters with mud, and even a bit of electricity. Audiences will have to tune in to witness Andrew and Team Pride’s progress in the competition.

Where to Watch ‘Buddy Games’

‘Buddy Games’ airs on CBS every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET. Viewers can also stream episodes live or on-demand on Paramount+.

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