Jon Kay’s Enigmatic Disappearance Leaves BBC Breakfast Viewers Yearning, While the Mystery Surrounding Carol Kirkwood’s Absence Persists


Jon Kay and Carol Kirkwood Absent from BBC Breakfast: Here’s What Happened

On Tuesday morning, BBC Breakfast viewers were surprised to see journalist Jon Kay missing from his usual spot alongside Sally Nugent on the popular morning show. The regular presenter, who usually appears on the programme from Monday to Wednesday each week, was replaced by relief presenter Ben Thompson. Ben is no stranger to stepping in for the main hosts when they are away.

Last year, Jon Kay became one of the main presenters on BBC Breakfast following the departure of Dan Walker, who left to host 5 News. This transition marked a significant milestone in Jon’s career, and viewers have come to enjoy his presence and reporting on the show.

Not only was Jon absent from the show on Tuesday, but weather presenter Carol Kirkwood was also missing. Instead, meteorologist Matt Taylor stood in and provided the latest weather updates. Carol has been away from the show since last week, with both Matt and Sarah Keith-Lucas taking turns to cover for the Scottish star.

While Carol has yet to address her absence on social media or in interviews, it is likely that she is simply taking a well-deserved break and is on annual leave. During her time off from the programme, Carol is no doubt enjoying spending some quality time with her fiancé, Steve Randall.

Carol Kirkwood’s Engagement

Last year in May, Carol announced her engagement to Steve Randall during a live weather report from the Chelsea Flower Show. The romantic moment was captured on video and quickly spread across social media. Carol and Steve’s engagement was met with warm wishes from fans and colleagues.

In a previous interview with Closer magazine, Carol shared details about the early days of her romance with Steve. She revealed that their relationship naturally evolved from friendship. From being friends, the couple grew closer and eventually started dating. Carol expressed delight at the unexpected turn their friendship had taken and commented on how lovely it was to find love at her age.

While Carol and Steve have yet to set a wedding date, they both have expressed their desire to get married. Carol mentioned that they envision having an intimate wedding and want it to be a true celebration of their love. As they take this exciting next step in their relationship, fans eagerly anticipate any updates or announcements regarding their wedding plans.

Enjoying a Lie-In

With Carol taking a break from the early morning starts on BBC Breakfast, she can finally enjoy a lie-in. She previously revealed that her partner, Steve, wakes her up with a cup of tea when her alarm goes off at 2.45 am for work. Despite Carol’s insistence on him going back to sleep, Steve always insists on getting her tea, showing his care and support.

Carol’s busy schedule as a television presenter often requires waking up very early in the morning. However, it seems that Steve’s acts of kindness help her start her day on a positive note and provide a comforting and loving presence in her life.


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