Julie Chen Moonves Shocked and Betrayed as She Was Unfairly Pushed Out of ‘The Talk’, Revealing Heartbreaking Personal Experience


Julie Chen Moonves Speaks Out on Leaving “The Talk”

For the first time since she left The Talk in 2018, Julie Chen Moonves is addressing her shocking exit from the show. While discussing her new audio memoir, But First, God, Julie revealed that it wasn’t actually her decision to leave the daytime talk show.

The Unexpected Departure

During the Sept. 17 episode of Good Morning America, Julie Chen Moonves opened up about her departure from The Talk. She expressed her true feelings about the situation, stating, “Yeah, I never revealed that until But First, God. That was a hard time. I felt stabbed in the back.”

Julie admitted that leaving the show was a difficult experience for her. She was blindsided by the decision and didn’t have the option to stay. While she didn’t go into specific details about what happened, Julie’s honesty shed light on the challenges she faced during that period.

Overcoming Negative Feelings

Since her exit, Julie Chen Moonves has been able to overcome the negative feelings she had about the situation. She credited her faith in God for helping her through the difficult times. Julie shared, “I don’t know if I could have reconciled if I didn’t have God in my life.” Her spirituality played a significant role in her healing process and allowed her to move forward.

The emotional toll of leaving a long-standing job and feeling betrayed can be immense. But Julie Chen Moonves’ resilience and faith guided her towards a place of healing and understanding.

The CBS Connection

Julie Chen Moonves’ departure from The Talk was not the only challenge she faced. At the time, her husband, Les Moonves, was the chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation and was facing sexual misconduct allegations from multiple women. The accusations against her husband added another layer of complexity to Julie’s decision.

While Julie didn’t delve deep into the personal issues involving her husband during her interview, she made it clear that she stood by him. She emphasized her trust in her husband, stating, “That’s not what we’re here to talk about, but of course. I know my husband… I know my husband.”

Continuing the Big Brother Journey

Despite leaving The Talk, Julie Chen Moonves did not step away from her hosting duties on Big Brother. She remained dedicated to her role on the reality show, balancing her personal life with her professional commitments.

Julie’s dedication and ability to handle the challenges within her personal and professional life showcases her strength and resilience. She has been able to navigate difficult situations while continuing to pursue her passion for hosting.

A Spiritual Transformation

In her audio memoir, Julie Chen Moonves reflects on the spiritual journey she embarked on following her husband’s scandal. She reveals a significant transformation, sharing, “Julie Chen before she found God was self-absorbed, career-minded, vain, gossipy – fun to be with, but probably kind of a shallow person.”

Julie’s journey towards spirituality allowed her to develop a softer and more compassionate approach towards others. She expressed her desire to help others and view everyone with a soft heart. Her exploration of faith and personal growth provides insight into her resilience and positive outlook.

In Conclusion

Julie Chen Moonves’ departure from The Talk was a challenging and unexpected event in her life. However, through her faith and determination, she was able to overcome the negative emotions associated with the situation. Julie’s willingness to speak out about her experiences and share her spiritual journey demonstrates her strength and inspires others to face their own challenges.


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