Karen Spencer shares heartwarming snapshot as she commemorates the remarkable achievements of her precious little cherub


Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Charles Spencer, is known for his residence at Althorp House, where he lives with his wife Karen and their daughter Charlotte. The historic estate has a rich history and is Princess Diana’s former childhood home.

Restoring Althorp House

Karen and Charles have been actively involved in the restoration of Althorp House and its sprawling 13,000-acre estate. Over the past few years, they have worked with architects, planners, and their dedicated team to carefully plan and reimagine the house to suit their needs while respecting its past.

The couple’s renovation plans have taken considerable time and effort. Karen shared her thoughts on the project, emphasizing the challenges they encountered. A wonky door, for instance, served as a reminder of the unexpected twists in the restoration process. From misplaced pipes to elusive beams, they have been uncovering the house’s secrets.

The History of Althorp House

Althorp House, a Grade II listed property, boasts an impressive 500-year history. After being inherited by Earl Charles Spencer, the stately home became a residence for the Spencer family. The estate holds great significance as it was also the childhood home of the beloved Princess Diana.

Life at Althorp House

Althorp House is not just a historical landmark, but also a place where Karen, Charles, and their family have created a loving and nurturing environment. In a recent Instagram post, Karen paid tribute to her beloved Labrador, Otis, on his 12th birthday. She shared a heartwarming photo of Otis enjoying the grounds of Althorp House and expressed her hope that he would live as long as his father and grandmother did, up to 14 years.

Karen described the special bond she has with Otis and how pets play an important role in their lives. Fans of the couple responded with admiration for both Karen’s heartfelt tribute and Otis’ regal appearance.

The Legacy of Althorp House

Althorp House holds the memories of generations past. Karen shared a poignant detail about the final resting place of Otis’ grandmother, Ella, and his father, Karoo. Both are buried in the park at Althorp, commemorated with beautiful stone plaques.

This symbolic gesture illustrates the deep connection Karen and Charles have with the estate. It is a place filled with history, love, and enduring family ties. Their commitment to preserving and enhancing the legacy of Althorp House is evident in their ongoing restoration efforts.

Karen Spencer and Charles Spencer’s Love Story

Karen and Charles tied the knot in 2011, embarking on a journey as husband and wife. Their love story has continued to unfold amidst the busy renovation projects at Althorp House.

With Althorp House as the backdrop to their lives, Karen and Charles have embraced the challenges and rewards of restoring the historic property. Through their dedication and vision, they are ensuring that Althorp House remains a cherished residence for generations to come.


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