Kat Izzo and John Henry: Is the ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 9 star dropping a major hint about their relationship status?


SAYULITA, MEXICO: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 9 Star Katherine ‘Kat’ Izzo and John Henry Spurlock Rumored to Have Called Things Off After Alleged Engagement

Speculation is rife that ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 9 stars Katherine ‘Kat’ Izzo and John Henry Spurlock have parted ways after an alleged engagement during the final rose ceremony. According to Reality Steve, Kat and John got engaged in the final rose ceremony and were seen together outside the paradise. However, viewers believe they may have separated a few weeks after the show.

It’s been suggested that Kat has dropped a major hint about her breakup with John, as she removed ‘NC’ (North Carolina, where John resides) from her Instagram bio. Adding to the rumors, John has started following numerous women on social media. Although Kat and John Henry still follow each other on Instagram, they have not interacted with each other’s posts since October 2023.

Social media users have also shared their beliefs that the relationship is over. A Reddit user stated, “Okay, after looking at Kat’s Insta stories, I am convinced they’re done!!” Others have weighed in, with one commenter noting that they were only together for a week before Paradise ended and the engagement, deeming it “ridiculous.”

John Henry Grabs First Date with Kat Izzo in ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale

In the preview of the ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ finale, John Henry Spurlock expressed his excitement over his first date with Kat Izzo, emphasizing, “I’m excited to get my first date with Kat.” Both Kat and John expressed that things were going well, with Kat admitting her feelings for John were growing rapidly, thus making her apprehensive.

During their date, John highlighted Kat’s caring nature, and Kat appreciated that John noticed. However, she also acknowledged his tough exterior and the depth beneath it, conveying that appearances don’t always reflect a person’s true self.

Kat Izzo Apologizes for Her Actions in ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Recently, Kat Izzo took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message in which she apologized for her behavior on ‘Bachelor In Paradise’. In her post, she included two photos of herself and John Henry during their time on the show, outlining that being open and vulnerable on reality TV is challenging and often comes with mistakes.

Kat emphasized that she and others are genuine people and expressed regret if her actions inadvertently hurt anyone. Remarking on the toll that sharing their lives with the world takes on mental well-being, she urged a recognition of shared vulnerability and encouraged growth, learning, and understanding, as well as embracing personal imperfections.

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 9 finale is set to air on Thursday, December 7 at 9/8c on ABC.

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