Kate Middleton and her three adorable children come together for an important cause – discover what Princess Charlotte loves to do!


Kensington Palace Releases Heartwarming Video of Princess Kate and Children Volunteering at Baby Bank

Recently, Kensington Palace released a touching behind-the-scenes video of Princess Kate and her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, volunteering at their local baby bank. The candid video showcases the royal family carrying large cardboard boxes filled with books and toys, hand-picking donations for children in need, and engaging with the volunteers at the baby bank.

A Heartfelt Gesture

In the video, we see Princess Kate addressing her children, explaining the importance of volunteering and the rewarding feeling of helping others. It’s heartwarming to witness the royal kids actively participating and showing compassion for those in need.

The Princess’s Commitment

Princess Kate’s dedication to helping those in need is evident, as this is not the first time she has visited the baby bank. The royal family’s involvement in the community and their willingness to lend a helping hand is truly inspiring.

A Message of Generosity

Speaking about the experience, Lauren from the baby bank expressed her gratitude for the royal family’s visit and highlighted the children’s enthusiasm in helping out. The positive impact of their visit is a testament to the importance of instilling values of kindness and generosity from a young age.

Learning the Value of Volunteering

It’s heartening to see the youngest members of the royal family actively engaging in charitable activities and learning the importance of giving back to the community. The video serves as a reminder of the positive influence of role models in shaping children’s understanding of empathy and compassion.

A Cause Close to Princess Kate’s Heart

Princess Kate’s involvement in volunteering aligns with her Shaping Us campaign, which emphasizes the significance of early experiences in shaping adulthood and society as a whole. Her commitment to supporting families in need, particularly during the holiday season, is truly commendable.

Supporting an Important Initiative

The video comes as part of an initiative set up by The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, which aims to provide support to families with young children through baby banks. This initiative encourages members of the public to donate funds, products, or volunteer their time to help support local baby banks throughout December.

A Lasting Impact

The Princess of Wales’ dedication to the early years and the Center for Early Childhood as her “life’s work” underscores the lasting impact of her commitment to supporting families and children in need. Her efforts have garnered support from various prominent figures, further amplifying the significance of this cause.


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