Katie Price is being cruelly mum-shamed after viewers of her new family photos notice something.


In response to a new family photo, KATIE Price has been unfairly mom-shamed by her devoted fanbase.

The 44-year-old mom of four posed for new photos with her children Harvey, 20, Princess, 15, Jett, 9, and Bunny, 8.


Katie wore a white high-neck sweater and skinny black jeans and looked stunning.

But many people noticed that her son Junior with pop star Peter Andre wasn’t in the picture.

Some people wondered where the 17-year-old singer was during the glamorous OK! shoot for a magazine.

The question, “Why no Junior in the interview pictures?” was posed by one reader.

Someone else wondered, “Why is junior never in the interview pics does she not have him anymore?”

‘Why isn’t Junior in any of the family photos?’ inquired a third.

Some of Katie’s supporters were quick to defend her, with one commenting, “Junior definitely stays away from anything public she does…. wants it to have no impact on his career.

An additional voice chimed in, “Maybe he didn’t want to do the interview he’s a teenager now n got his own mind.”

This comes after several days of backlash from Katie’s fanbase for allegedly neglecting her eldest son, Harvey.

The mother of five has been enjoying some R&R in Thailand with her two youngest offspring.

But it’s clear that she misses the comforts of home and Harvey, who stayed in the UK for respite care.

Katie posted a throwback photo to her Instagram with the caption, “Not long until I reunite with my Harvey boy.”

Harvey is the focus of this warm and fuzzy photo, which also features his mother Katie and younger brother Jett.

Some have lauded the joyful moment, while others have mocked it in the name of Harvey’s disabilities, which include Prader-Willi Syndrome, Septo-optic Dysplasia, and learning difficulties.

“Why didn’t you take him with you?” asked one.

A third reprimanded her, saying, “You are always on holiday,” and a fourth said, “You’ve left him long enough.”

Thankfully, some people came to her defense, saying that Katie has been honest about the assistance she requires for Harvey so that he can lead a normal life.

“Harvey gets the best and it’s all down to his loving mummy,” reads one comment.

It’s because of her that he has the chance to meet new people and expand his horizons professionally and socially.

Just so. “He’s a grown man who’s getting the care he needs,” said a second. Many people are finding relief.

On February 13, Katie flew to Thailand, spending over £12,000 on expensive first-class tickets.

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Katie had avoided yet another bankruptcy hearing just days prior to this trip.

Katie was cruelly mum-shamed for not spending enough time with eldest son Harvey



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