Kayla Sessler, a teen mom, posts rare photos of her younger sister Riley while out prom dress shopping.


KAYLA Sessler published an unusual picture of her younger sister Riley while the two were out looking for a prom dress.

In an Instagram Story, the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star showed off her sister in the dress.


Kayla shared the photo, and a brief video, of her sister modeling the dress on her Instagram Stories Monday


The InstaStory posts, which were uploaded to the social media app on Monday, showed Riley trying on the red dress she had selected from Peaches Boutique.

The strapless dress was embellished with silver flowers.

Even though the sheer overlay at the bottom made the dress look like a traditional princess gown, it was perfect for a prom.

Kayla, 24, asked her followers on Instagram what they thought of her sister’s ankle-length gown by posting a photo of her sister posing in the dressing room’s tri-fold mirror.

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The Peaches Boutique proudly declared, “Down with the Gown!” after receiving approval from Riley and her MTV star sister.

Kayla’s younger sister was last seen responding to outrageous rumors about her 25-year-old baby daddy, Luke Davis.

Some shocking information from Kayla’s recent live stream was captured and shared by a Teen Mom Instagram fan page.

In the broadcast, Kayla discusses several controversial issues, including the potential for her baby daddy to have another child with someone else.

After Luke went live telling his new girl that he wanted a baby with her, a fan asked, “Why?”

Asked why, Kayla replied, “Cause they’re trying to have a baby, but I’m not going to speak on that.”

She elaborated, saying, “It’s Christmas, and we’re not making a mess. We’re trying to remain optimistic.

Despite Kayla’s best efforts to maintain a positive outlook, her supporters were not interested in maintaining the status quo in the comments section.

Someone who is a fan of the artist said, “Yes, make another baby when you don’t have custody already.”

Somebody else added, “Luke and a new girl trying for a baby, but they just met and live long distance. Like Kayla, she’s going to have two fathers and raise her children independently.

Lastly, a third voice added, “I hope Luke reconsiders that decision. He and that girl have only recently begun dating. Not to mention, isn’t his girlfriend a mother to three children she doesn’t even have legal custody of?


The couple, Luke and Kayla, were featured prominently in an episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant that aired back in August.

At some point in the episode, Luke made a proposal to Kayla, but she rejected him.

Kayla at first agreed to date him, saying, “Hopefully, you know, we’ll give it some time. There is a lot of work that goes into organizing a wedding. I’m not looking to tie the knot right this second.

Even though I’m saying yes, like, I’m not in a place to get married,” she confessed later in the episode.

The public learned conclusively that Luke and Kayla had broken up in November.

For Halloween, she shared a photo of her family, but Luke was noticeably absent.

She suggested she was living apart from Luke in the video’s description.

A fan picked up on all the clues and made the observation, “It’s a clear indication they’re not together because he’s usually in these family shots with her.”


Fans are worried for Kayla’s kids after she introduced her new boyfriend on social media.

Kayla shared a clip from when her new boyfriend, Justin, got a pedicure with her on Instagram.

Appearances can be deceiving, but this video does show Justin’s softer side and how much they value their time together.

To get a pedicure for the first time, Kayla wrote, “We had to come.”

In the pedicure chair, Justin appears to be at ease and thoroughly enjoying himself as he checks his phone.

Due to Justin’s dubious choices, her fans were unable to take the video at face value.

He put up pictures of himself with his middle finger up, and even worse, he put up a picture of himself with a gun in a gas station.

Kayla is a mother to two young kids, Izaiah, 4, and Ariah, 3.

Fans of Teen Mom and Kayla are worried about the kids’ safety now that Justin is in the picture.

There was already a lot of buzz about Kayla and Justin on Teen Mom Reddit, and this video did nothing to dampen that.

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An anonymous Reddit user wrote, “My children are 13 and 16 and they have only been around ONE man who was not one of their fathers, and that was only a handful of times. I feel terrible for these children.

But someone else added, “Meanwhile, he’s texting his real girlfriend while Kayla pays the bill. You’d think she’d have learned her lesson after Stephan and Luke, but no, this guy is about to run her pockets, cheat on her, steal from her, and then disappear.

Kayla asked her followers to weigh in on if they liked the prom dress


Riley has last seen by Teen Mom fans during an Instagram Live session when Kayla dished information about her ex-boyfriend Luke Davis


Kayla leaked that Luke is expecting a baby with his new girlfriend



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