Kelly Ripa has announced the date that her husband Mark Consuelos will replace Ryan Seacrest on Live.


According to KELLY Ripa, co-host Ryan will be leaving the daytime show in April.

Kelly attended the 2023 Academy Awards with her two suitors.


The trio answered some questions while walking the tan carpet this year


Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos and co-host on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ryan Seacrest, also joined them.

Kelly announced Mark’s debut as co-host of the show on the Oscars red carpet.

They had a “great relationship and friendship and working relationship,” so Ryan described his departure as “bittersweet.”

Mark is taking over, and he and I have the same kind of relationship; the next few weeks should be very interesting. But I’m not finished yet!

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Mark included his thoughts, confirming the date he would be joining the show.

“I am so honored and excited, the show premieres on Monday, April 17, and I could not be more thrilled about it,” Mark exclaimed.

When Ryan first said in February that he was leaving Live after six years, it was to a mixed reception.


On Monday night, while hosting Live’s After Oscars show, Kelly made a very public and humiliating mistake.

With help from her co-host, Ryan Seacrest, the 52-year-old just about avoided a total beauty fail.

On Monday morning, hours after the Academy Awards had concluded their broadcast from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Kelly and Ryan hosted Live from the same stage.

A large number of fans showed up to see the duo perform live for the first time since the pandemic.

As a result, not only did viewers at home see Kelly’s gaffe, but so did everyone sitting just feet away in the audience.

The soap opera star, whose hair was pulled back into a low bun, kept touching the back of her head about 10 minutes into the broadcast.

She and Ryan were having a conversation about the Oscars’ backstage experience, but she was unable to pay attention to it.

Kelly, it seemed, was making an effort to maintain her hairstyle, and she later admitted as much.

Hang on, one of my wigs are coming undone,” she said, still smiling, as she continued to try to fix the problem.

Ryan called from backstage for the “wig kit,” but Kelly reassured him that everything was “fine.”

The audience member then asked the American Idol to assist the audience member in fixing the problem.

Ryan followed Kelly and made an effort to straighten out her hair.

Kelly announced to the cheers of the crowd, “It’s fine, he got it!”

The other host then made a joke about how he is a “renaissance man.”


Kelly recently revealed that she made another embarrassing beauty faux pas on air, this time while the show was broadcasting from New York.

The 52-year-old sat down next to Ryan at their set desk and quickly revealed that, “about 18 seconds ago,” she had sprayed her “entire body” with fake tanner.

Her next statement was, “I used a spray because I was that desperate.”

Kelly, unfortunately, failed to include her “arms entirely,” and she emerged looking rather pale as a result.

The host of Kelly and Ryan Live! continued, “I quickly saw that my dress has a little thigh exposure.

“Yeah, that’s too much. Gotta spray it down.”

Ryan was concerned that the spray tan she had gotten would leave a stain on her pillow.

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To which Kelly exclaimed, “Most likely!” When I get up from this chair, we’ll see how it looks!”

Ryan’s expression was incredibly cringeworthy, and the crowd erupted in laughter.

Kelly first confirmed she knew the day Mark would be joining the team


Mark announced the time and date himself, confirming he'd be starting in April


Ryan called his exit from the show 'bittersweet'



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