Kim Kardashian drinks beer and shots with her friends until 1 a.m., then she lets her 7-year-old son Saint run amok in the hotel hallways in London.


After a boozy St. Patrick’s Day celebration in London, KIM KARDASHIAN posted a video of her son Saint acting out in the hotel. St. Patrick’s Day party.

A group of friends whisked the reality star and her son away to London, where they took in an Arsenal game.


The post came after a boozy outing with friends on St. Patrick's Day


Kim, 42, shared a social media video on her page that appeared to have been taken by a friend who was on the trip with her and featured Saint and other children running and screaming in a hotel hallway.

The kids were running around, hugging each other, and falling flat on their faces.

As the video ended, someone could be heard shouting, “We won!”

We’ve resorted to playing soccer in the hallways,” the video’s caption read. with plumed headdresses!”

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Kim then added her own caption, which read: “Not trying to brag but with a Guinness and the feathered hat Allison and I bought in London when we were 16 years old, my soccer skills kicked in and I WON THE GAME FOR THEM!!! NOT A BIG DEAL.

In the time leading up to the video’s release, she also posted photos of herself and her girlfriends “pub hopping.”

The Hulu star shared photos of a row of empty Guinness cans on a bar table.

She wrote: “Pub hopping on this St. Paddy’s day.”

Baby Guinness,” Kim captioned a photo of a tray containing multiple shots.

The SKKN mogul has stated on multiple occasions that she is not a heavy drinker, but today’s Instagram Story suggests otherwise.


During her European vacation, Kim was spotted at an Arsenal game.

They lost to Sporting CP, and she watched as her team was eliminated from the Europa League.

The founder of Skims posted multiple photos from the game, showing her son Saint’s disappointment at the outcome.

The kid was caught on camera cheering for Bukayo Saka as he prepared to take a penalty kick.

Fandom was quick to notice, and they joked about Kim reading Saka’s private messages.

A user criticized Arsenal for failing to support Bukayo Saka. To have Kim Kardashian drop into his direct messages, he needed only to win.

Others commented on the 21-year-old’s “star power” and said that Kim’s success was the only positive development of the evening.

According to one commenter, “our starboy Saka is clear” after Kim K recognized him in the game.

As another added, “Kim K snapped Saka penalty and they were saying he isn’t franchise.”

I’m leaving with something for Kim K, who is a huge Saka fan, said a third.

Tolami Benson is the current boyfriend of Bukayo’s.


Despite the team’s loss, Kim’s son Saint came out on top.

The reality star posted a video of the footballer converting a penalty kick.

A later revelation indicated that he had FaceTimed Kim and her crew, conversing with her son while he sported an Arsenal shirt.

While Bukayo didn’t spot Saint and his crew at the game, he did tell them he had a shirt for them.

It was reported that he apologized, “Sorry I missed you guys yesterday.

Someone reported seeing you in the players’ lounge. I only brought you the one shirt.

Tell them to let me know when they’re coming back, and I’ll get them all T-shirts, the famous athlete said.

Kim wrote, “And more surprises…,” as the caption for her call recording. favorite player of the boys for @arsenal is @bukayosaka87.

It wasn’t just the story, though; Bukayo also shared a photo from the touching moment.

In the caption, Kim thanked the original poster for brightening her sons’ day.

Kim enjoyed Guinness and some shots with her gal pals


According to her Story, they returned to a hallway soccer match


Kim has been jaunting around London, attending an Arsenal game and more



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