Kim’s “outdated” look is being mocked by fans on social media, who are begging her to “stop” posting photos of herself making her trademark “cringe” kissy-face.


Kim KARDASHIAN’s signature photo pose has prompted fans to beg her to stop on social media.

New photos Kim posted to Instagram featured her striking her signature kissy-face pose, prompting jokes and calls for her to “stop doing it” from her online detractors.


Some fans have dubbed Kim's 'duck face' pose as 'outdated' on Reddit


Both of the photos shared by the Skims founder appeared to have been taken with flash, but one appeared to have been taken without.

The 42-year-old model wore a snakeskin bustier and had her hair pulled back in a braid for the photos. The braid was visible in only one of the images.

Kim’s makeup in the photos was subtle glam, and her cleavage nearly showed through her skintight top.

The camera was so close to the Hulu host that we got a good look at her full pout.

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In a Reddit forum, many supporters complained that Kim should no longer use her signature pose in public photos.


“Release that stance! Just.. everything is so.. out of date.. outfit, hair pulled back, and makeup and pose. “So repetitive,” one user complained in the discussion board.

Imagine looking through her phone and finding over 700 photos of her kissing random people, joked one respondent.

“She looks beautiful, the boobs are fantastic, but holy F**K the duck face was retired in 2012,” another person raged.

In the words of a third, “How bored do you have to be with your life to post a variation of the same full face of makeup, kissy face selfie on ig every day?”

“Kim f**king… stop this face this angle this pose for the love of God,” someone else shouted.

Another speculated that the mother of four “goes to the kissy face or the serious face” because she “must be self-conscious about her smile.”


Fans of the former star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” have recently been criticizing her for taking controversial poses in her photos.

Kim did a typical kissy face and held up two peace signs for the camera in photos she posted to Instagram last week, which showed her posing behind a concrete wall.

She accessorized her glamorous photo shoot with a silver bra and skirt, a silver waist chain, and a silver plated necklace.

An over-the-shoulder shot shows the businesswoman posing on an impressive staircase and against a neutral gray wall.

Kim ended the post with a string of kiss and peace sign emojis, prompting a swarm of admirers to leave their well wishes in the comments section.

Many shared their annoyance on Reddit.

“I’m so f***ing SICK of that pose,” one wrote.

“Doesn’t she get tired of this? About five million of these have already been presented to us. another person remarked, “how boring.

She’s so boring these days, a third person commented.

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I exclaimed, “Oh, look!” It’s that stupid kissey face and peace sign for the 114236888888888 times,” another critic exclaimed.

‘Girl we get it…..i’m so bored,’ one of your followers wrote.

The kissy face is the Hulu personality's signature pose and she does it often


Lately Kim has been slammed by fans online who think she should 'stop' doing the pose


Fans think Kim was 'boring' for doing the same pose in snaps repeatedly



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