Kroger no longer sells a popular candy, and customers are livid. They want it “brought back now.”


Customers at KROGER are furious because the store has removed yet another customer favorite beverage from its shelves.

Many shoppers have petitioned their favorite store to bring back the discontinued item.


The retailer has axed its lactose-free chocolate milk


Shopper Stacey (@StaceyNotStacie) shared that she had a hard time locating lactose-free chocolate milk by Kroger during her grocery store visits in Virginia Beach.

Checking store stockpiles, however, Kroger announced the product’s discontinuation.

They continued, “Unfortunately, production of the milk has been halted. We regret any trouble this may have caused.

Many dissatisfied customers have demanded a remake of the product.

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One outraged shopper demanded that the product be reinstated immediately, saying, “Bring it back right now.”

The Kroger location I frequent still sells Lactaid’s lactose-free chocolate whole milk for $4.29.

The price of a half-gallon carton has been reduced from $4.99 to $2.49.

According to the store’s website, Walmart carries lactose-free chocolate milk from Fairlife and Silk in bottles and cartons.

Kroger has recently discontinued not only lactose-free chocolate milk but also other well-liked beverages.

The U.S. According to the Sun, a popular grapefruit juice brand was discontinued by the store.

Even the store’s own raspberry seltzer water and pink lemonade have been removed from the shelves.

The Fizzicist, a store-brand soda sold exclusively at Kroger, has been compared to Dr. Pepper, as well as the company’s non-carbonated fruit punch, has been discontinued.

The massive supermarket chain has also drawn criticism for removing some staple items from their shelves.

Customers were dissatisfied with Kroger’s decision to stop carrying certain Turkey Hill ice cream flavors.

Their incredibly popular Private Selection Sweet Southern Heat BBQ Kettle Chips are no longer available in any of their thousands of retail locations.

People who have a sweet tooth were outraged when the store announced they were no longer selling Cherry Chip cookies.

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Disgruntled shopper Daddy Dannae (@PrincessDannae) cried that the day she learned the treat had been removed from shelves was the worst day of her life.

When Kroger got flak for getting rid of a kid-favorite buffalo ranch popcorn treat, shoppers pleaded with the company to “think of the children.” Kroger also recently eliminated its store-brand Fruit Snacks.


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