Kyle Walker’s wife is reportedly very upset with him because he has been having secret legal discussions with his ex-lover without telling her.


ENGLAND’s Kyle Walker met with his ex-lover in court without telling his wife.

Annie, the Manchester City star’s girlfriend, was enraged to learn that Lauryn Goodman, the mother of Kyle’s child Kairo, had returned to their lives.


The Manchester City ace’s wife Annie, above, was furious when she found out


WAG Annie believes pregnant Lauryn Goodman, above, and mother of Kyle’s child Kairo, is 'playing games'


And Annie thinks Lauryn, who is at least five months along with her second child, is “trying to play games.” Lauryn is a former star on the reality television show Towie.

A source said, “Lauryn and Kyle met in September at a solicitor’s office in Cheshire, but she didn’t find out about it until weeks later.

“Even if it was just with lawyers to discuss legal matters, the fact that he had met up with her did not sit well with her.”

Walker, now 32, and Annie, now 30, have been in love since they were young. After Ex on the Beach star Laura Brown claimed they had sex in his Bentley on multiple occasions, he finally left the relationship in 2019.

For a short while, she had him back. But in March of 2020, he announced model Lauryn was pregnant with his child, and he moved into a flat that cost £8,000 per month.

A few days later, he was busted having an orgy with two hookers, which is against Covid lockdown regulations. A despite this, Annie married him in November of 2021.

“Annie has forgiven but not forgotten,” the insider continued. Therefore, it was upsetting for her to learn that Lauryn was expecting again.

That infant will be her son’s half-brother’s sibling whether she likes it or not.

Annie stood by the defender even after he was caught on camera flashing in a bar close to where they live in Cheshire.

Police questioned him, and a dismissal order was issued without going to court.

It looked like wag Becky Vardy called Annie a “doormat” on social media. Lauryn, an Instagram model, sided with Becky and said Annie was trashing her son.

Annie, according to this information, now believes Lauryn is intentionally taunting her.

We sought the Walkers’ and Lauryn’s opinions on the matter.

Walker, 32, and Annie, 30, are childhood sweethearts


It comes as Annie supported the football ace when he was recently caught in a CCTV flashing shame



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