Labour leader Keir Starmer was dubbed a “hypocrite” after being caught on camera drinking beer during the lockdown.


SIR Keir Starmer has been branded a hypocrite after photos emerged of him drinking with coworkers in violation of Covid’s strict rules.

Through the window of a building, the Labour leader could be seen standing near others, holding a beer.


Indoor mixing between households was prohibited except for work in Durham when the photograph was taken last May.

“Sir Keir has spent the last two months criticizing people for doing exactly what he has been doing himself,” a Tory source said.

“He is an absolute hypocrite.”

“He might explain why there are pictures of him quaffing beer — we have not heard him do so,” Boris Johnson said at Prime Minister’s Questions last month during a row over the party-gate allegations.

A Labour spokesman at the time insisted that no rules were broken.

“Keir was at work, meeting a local MP in her constituency office and taking part in a Labour Party online event,” they said.

“The meeting wаs in the evening, so they took а breаk for dinner.”

A spoksperson for Sir Keir Starmer says the drink came during a break in a work meeting


After 500,000 people signed а petition cаlling for Tony Blаir’s knighthood to be revoked, Sir Keir Stаrmer believes ‘Tony Blаir deserves the honor.’


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