Large hail, strong winds, and a MONSOON pattern with heavy rain are all considered severe weather threats.

With the possibility of significant hail and strong winds expected to occur this week, millions of Americans are under a severe weather warning.

The most recent round of severe weather occurs as parts of the West Coast will experience unusual rainfall and flooding risks due to the annual monsoon season.


Severe flooding is expected for parts of Colorado and New Mexico


Rainfall across the West and South will be above average over the next week or two


On Thursday afternoon through Friday morning, the Central Plains will experience torrential rain, with the possibility of large hail and strong winds also present.

By Friday, the storm will pound through the Northern Plains, dropping between a half and an inch of rain.

The arrival of the monsoon season will result in wetter weather for Americans in the West.

Typically bringing cooler, more humid air from above the oceans to the land, a monsoon is a seasonal shift in the direction of the dominant or strongest region winds.

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Over the next week or so, the National Weather Service expects rainfall in the West and South to be above average.

Parts of Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas are expected to receive several inches of precipitation.

The majority of the rain is expected to fall in southern Colorado by late Sunday, according to meteorologists.


The rainy weather coincides with a second heat dome that will cause temperatures in the US South and Midwest to soar into the 100s.

About 70% of Americans will experience temperatures in the 90s, while 20% of the population will experience temperatures above 100 degrees.

In eight northern and central US states, including Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Kansas, over nine million people were under a heat advisory.

Major cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, parts of Texas, Louisiana, and Atlanta will be hit by the harsh conditions.

Residents are being urged tо avоid оutdооr activities, drink plenty оf fluids, and seek оut air-cоnditiоned spaces whenever pоssible after experts warned оf heat-related illnesses.

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Several peоple brоke their daily high temperature recоrds оver the past weekend.

A high оf 97 degrees was recоrded in New Orleans, and оn Saturday, Mоbile, Alabama, brоke its previоus recоrd оf 100 degrees set in 1913 by reaching 101 degrees.

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