Legendary Jeopardy! announcer Johnny Gilbert, 94, discusses an unexpected friendship with a deceased celebrity.


In a rare interview, Johnny Gilbert, 94, the venerable JEOPARDY! announcer, disclosed an unexpected friendship with a deceased A-lister.

Since 1984, he has provided the show’s recognizable intro voice.

Johnny Gilbert, the voice of Jeopardy! for decades, revealed an unexpected friendship


He was close and would go 'drinking and dancing' with Betty White


38th episode of Jeopardy! finished on July 31st, and new episodes will return on September 12th.

Former champion Ken Jennings, 48, and actress Mayim Bialik, 46, were finally named as the long-term replacements for the late, great host Alex Trebek when the previous season came to a close.

A brand-new weekly podcast called Inside Jeopardy! has been keeping fans engaged during the off-season of the beloved quiz show.

Johnny, who still provides the voice for the show’s opening “This is Jeopardy!” was the guest on Monday.

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Johnny shared his life story with podcast host, producer, and former “Clue Crew” member Sarah Foss.

He admitted that before joining America’s longest-running quiz show as its announcer in 1984 when Alex was hired as host, he had worked on numerous game shows.

Johnny said, “I had never worked with him, but we were friends in the game show business.

I believe Alex played a significant role in the decision to choose me.

However, Johnny disclosed a remarkable friendship he made outside of Jeopardy! and with Betty White, another deceased legend.

When asked about her, Johnny, whose nearly 70-year television career, sounded incredibly pleased to share.


With an emotional sigh, Johnny began, “Oh God, yeah, Betty White.”

On the $25000 Pyramid, [we] met. She had a close friendship with Bob Stewart, the show’s creator.

So I was always invited to parties and other events, and Betty was always present.

“We got to be really good friends,” he continued.

And then [another peer] planned a surprise party on a yacht in New York City for my 60th birthday.

“What a wonderful pleasure just to see all of the guys I had worked on for so long on different shows, and Betty was there.

You can cry, you can’t help it.

After a few drinks, Betty and I started dancing with the band and DJ on the boat.

She was everything they say she was and more.”


According to TMZ, Betty, whose Hollywood career spanned nine decades, passed away on December 31, 2021, following a stroke.

Jeff Witjas, Betty’s agent and close friend, recalled to PEOPLE at the time, “Even though Betty was about to turn 100, I thought she would live forever.”

Betty would have turned 100 on January 17, 2022; she was 99 when she passed away.

She worked as a “Game Show Queen” on Match Game, Super Password, Body Language, Hollywood Squares, and other classic shows before the Golden Girls, which is how she met Johnny Gilbert.


The podcast’s current host, Ken, tweeted “Johnny Gilbert!” with six blue hearts after it was released.

Another admirer remarked, “Aww, Johnny! One of the voice’s most well-known!

He sounds remarkably sharp for someone his age, let alone 94, gushed a third. We are already aware of how powerful his voice is still.

However, in this conversation, his speaking cadence and phrasing would lead you to believe he is no older than 50.

He was recognized for having the longest career as a game show announcer on a single show after 32 seasons by Guinness World Records.

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Just days before the start of his 39th season, Johnny said on the podcast, “I break it every time I come on the air again.”

The legend now records the opening credits from his house, but Mayim and Ken still say “Thank you, Johnny!” to the camera at the beginning of each episode.

Johnny Gilbert began as Jeopardy!'s announcer the same year Alex Trebek began hosting; 1984


He revealed that Betty White was 'everything they say she was and more'


Johnny will continue announcing with Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik now Jeopardy!'s hosts



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