Let me tell you, as a veterinarian, what we think of your dog breed and why German Shepherds always make us nervous.


A VET TECH has spoken out about their true feelings on certain dog breeds, including the one they consider to be the most dramatic.

Amber, better known by her Twitter handle, @amber_elalem, said that while both german shepherds and huskies are cute, they can be unpredictable.


She suggested that vets love it when a corgi comes in, and will often ask for a selfie


She also suggested that huskies can be a little overdramatic, but reassured her followers that they're never hurting them


What your vet staff really thinks about your dog breeds, she said in a new TikTok video.

First up, Amber shares her thoughts on corgis, adding: “If you come in with one of these guys, we’re all probably going to ask you if we can take a picture with them because they are so cute.

True confession: I never get tired of looking at cute corgis.

“They’re not the best for blood draws.

Next up are huskies.

The veterinarian continued, “If you come in with one of these guys, I promise we’re not hurting them.

Everything we’re doing is completely safe, so please don’t worry.

Doberdanes are a mix between a dobermann and a great dane, and Amber discusses her feelings on this hybrid breed.

“If you come in with one of these big babies, they have no idea how big they are, and if you see me dragging myself along as I bring them back out to you, know that I’m totally fine with it.”

The veterinarian gave her opinion on the popular German shepherd, saying, “If you come in with one of these guys, just know that we’re probably going to be a little apprehensive at first just because they are a little unpredictable.

However, they will most likely leave the appointment with a plethora of treats, such as cheese and peanut butter.

“Overall, ten out of ten good boy.”

In the end, she bares the true feelings of the vet staff when they see a French bulldog in the waiting room.

Because of their enthusiasm, she continued, “if you come in with one of these, they are probably going to bounce around and be a little hard to handle.”

More than 3.2 million people liked the video, and it received over 16 million total views because of her candor.

One commenter on TikTok said, “The German Shepherd was accurate as hell. It’s like they need half an hour to compose themselves and take in the adoration.

“My husky is so dramatic like girl we went outside for five minutes why are you screaming,” another said.

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An additional commenter explained that their corgi enjoys visits to the vet because “he’s a ham and he loves the attention.”

A different author put it this way: “Me and my Great Dane are always apologizing for the inconvenience she causes others.”


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