Lethal Shooter reveals, “After seeing how good my training was, Bad Bunny’s basketball team offered me a job.”


Lethal Shooter, an NBA shooting expert, has admitted he turned down the opportunity to coach Bad Bunny’s team, the Cangrejeros de Santurce.

Chris Matthews, the man behind the training, claims the team’s management wanted to hire him after witnessing “how good my training was” during a weeklong camp in Puerto Rico.


Matthews says the team wanted to hire him as coach after the training camp in early March


Bad Bunny has owned the team since 2021


In recent years, 37-year-old Matthews has established himself as a highly sought-after shooting coach for NBA players and Hollywood A-listers.

Not only has he collaborated with basketball fans like Drake and Machine Gun Kelly, but he has also worked with NBA stars like Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers and Domantas Sabonis of the Sacramento Kings.

Guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope of the Denver Nuggets, another of his clients, is one of the top five 3-point shooters in the NBA in 2022-23, making 44% of his 3s on 4.2 attempts per game.

Matthews claims that the manager for Bad Bunny contacted him after watching his workout videos online.

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Since 2021, the artist has been a co-owner of the Cangrejeros, rescuing the eight-time Puerto Rico champions from bankruptcy twice in the previous five years.

According to Matthews, he and the rapper planned the trip to Puerto Rico for over a year before he finally took him to Santurce in the second week of March.

The native Washingtonian claims he directed the camp despite the fact that it conflicted with the workouts of Milwaukee Bucks stars Bobby Portis and Grayson Allen.

Meanwhile, Matthews claims that the executives at Cangrejeros gave him a warm reception.

He claims that his “good training” is not reflected on social media.

It’s true that my clients’ successes are public knowledge, but I only rarely share details of my actual training.

Because of the high quality of my training, they ultimately made me an offer, saying, “The offer is on the table if you want to be here.”

The fact that one of the most successful musicians working today has taken notice of your work is a huge honor.

Matthews notes that his social media videos don’t fully reflect the meticulousness and strictness of his art of shooting training.

The trainer says he frequently watches video of his players to figure out where they can improve their jump shots before game time.

Matthews emphasizes that everyone’s training is tailored to the individual.

If I’m going to be training Drake, I can’t do it the same way I do with Grayson Allen.

One player has a 40-inch vertical and another does not; therefore, training methods for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Cole Anthony cannot be identical.

Matthews then mercilessly punishes that area of weakness; for example, last summer, Lakers All-Star Davis had to make 400 free throws before moving on to the next drill.

Matthews says the training camp in Puerto Rico was one of the best he's had in years


He's worked with the biggest NBA stars including Anthony Davis and Domantas Sabonis


Lethal Shooter says the first day of training in Santurce was tough because the players had to learn his expectations and he had a much wider variety of jump shots to drill.

The players “were understanding the type of philosophies I have and what I was looking for out of shooting drills as we went on every day,” he continues.

And it was one of the best training camps I’ve had in a long time.

Matthews is impressed by how well the Cangrejeros players have been following his instructions.

He says, “Nobody was talking back,” highlighting the need for private coaches among the world’s top athletes.

In addition, “if you’re dealing with players who are arrogant and players who feel like they don’t need any help, it’s harder to get through to them,” Lethal Shooter says.

The players for the Cangrejeros team had a “hunger to learn” that was inspiring to watch.

Matthews turned down Santurce’s coaching offer, despite the fact that he claims to have turned down similar offers from a number of NBA teams this season. He is happy with his current situation.

“I definitely wouldn’t be able to take a job in Puerto Rico if I live in LA,” Matthews says with a subtle chuckle.

Being able to enjoy the benefits of living in Puerto Rico would be fantastic. But at this point in my life, I’m really enjoying working with clients across multiple teams.

However, Matthews enjoyed his time with the Cangrejeros and was grateful for their hospitality. The coach jokes that Matthews stayed in a room so luxurious that he thought he was in the wrong hotel.

In his words, the team functions as a “family” in which “everyone understands their value.”

Matthews agrees that Bad Bunny has done great things for Santurce, and he has learned one thing about the artist: once he commits to a project, he gives it his all.

In addition, the coach is looking forward to seeing how the team performs in the upcoming Baloncesto Superior Nacional (BSN) season, which begins on March 22.

In order to “take it to the next level,” the team is providing the players with “the right resources around the players,” as stated by Lethal Shooter.

In retrospect, Matthews’ only regret is not having the opportunity to personally train Bad Bunny before the rapper’s unanticipated gig.

This is what drew me here primarily,” says Deadly Shooter.

Matthews is optimistic that they will play hoops together in the future, especially since he has committed to attending two or three more training camps in Santurce during the 2023 season.

We’re going to set up a training session for the near future, he says.


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