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The Detroit Lions Defense Seeks Veteran Help in Free Agency

The Detroit Lions’ defense has been dealing with injuries and inconsistent play in the early part of the season. To address these issues, Bleacher Report suggests that the Lions consider adding veteran linebacker Anthony Barr to their roster.

Struggles on Defense

The Lions have suffered several injuries on defense, including losing edge rusher James Houston and defensive lineman Josh Paschal. Additionally, the team has struggled to establish a pass rush, resulting in opponents scoring an average of 28.5 points per game.

A Veteran Addition for the Lions

Bleacher Report notes that the Lions could benefit from adding Anthony Barr to their linebacker corps. While the Lions have some young talent at the position, the addition of Barr would bring experience and stability to the defense.

During his time with the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys, Barr has demonstrated his ability to contribute to the team’s success. With 130 total tackles and six passes defended in his last 25 games, Barr would provide a valuable presence on the field.

The Urgency to Improve

The Lions’ safety, C.J. Gardner-Johnson, acknowledges the urgency to improve on defense. He emphasizes that the team cannot achieve their championship aspirations if they continue to struggle defensively.

Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn also shares the responsibility for the team’s defensive struggles. Critics believe that his lack of aggression and creativity in attacking the opposing quarterbacks has hindered the Lions’ performance.

Furthermore, Glenn’s defensive schemes are seen as less dynamic compared to the team’s high-tempo offense. The offense often utilizes complex blocking schemes to create opportunities, while the defense lacks similar coordination and effectiveness.

In Summary

The Detroit Lions’ defense has faced challenges with injuries and subpar performance in the early part of the season. To address these issues, Bleacher Report suggests adding veteran linebacker Anthony Barr, who would bring stability and experience to the team. The urgency to improve on defense is evident, as the Lions understand that their championship aspirations depend on their ability to stop opponents. Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn shoulders some of the blame for the team’s struggles, as his defensive schemes lack creativity and effectiveness. By addressing these concerns and potentially bringing in Barr, the Lions hope to enhance their defensive performance and achieve their goals for the season.


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