Lizzo Remains Unwavering in her Love Life: Clearing Up Breakup Rumors with Boyfriend Myke Wright, a Fragrant Journey of Their Endless Romance


Are Lizzo and Myke Wright still together? Lizzo denies a breakup

Lizzo, the popular singer, has been making headlines recently due to a lawsuit filed against her by three of her former dancers in 2023. Alongside this controversy, fans have been speculating about the status of her relationship with boyfriend Myke Wright. While evidence suggests a possible split between the couple, Lizzo’s spokesperson denies any breakup. Let’s take a closer look at the details and comments from Lizzo herself.

The history of Lizzo and Myke Wright’s relationship

Before becoming an official couple, Lizzo and Myke Wright were friends who co-hosted MTV’s Wonderland in 2016. During an interview on The Howard Stern Show in 2022, Lizzo revealed that they were friends but not romantically involved at that time. She explained that she was still focused on her career and struggling with self-love. However, their relationship took a turn in April 2022 when they made their romance public.

Lizzo and Myke Wright at the BRIT Awards in February 2023
Lizzo and Myke Wright at the BRIT Awards in February 2023

Lizzo expressed her love for Wright in an interview with Vanity Fair in October 2022, saying, “He’s the love of my life. We are life mates. We’re like the mirror image of each other. We’re connected.” It seemed like the couple was deeply committed to each other.

The alleged breakup and conflicting reports

Recently, fans noticed that Lizzo had deleted all her photos with Wright from social media, and the couple unfollowed each other. This led to speculation about a possible breakup. However, Lizzo’s spokesperson stated to the Daily Mail that the couple is still together and that there is no truth to the rumors of a split.

Despite the spokesperson’s statement, an insider shared with The Sun that Lizzo has been struggling and that their relationship has suffered. The source mentioned a falling-out between the couple and expressed hope that they would reconcile. This news, coupled with the ongoing lawsuit, has only fueled further interest in Lizzo’s personal life.

Myke Wright’s ex-girlfriend adds to the tension

Adding more complexity to the situation, Myke Wright’s ex-girlfriend, Brooklyn Elizabeth Brown, went on TikTok to criticize both Wright and Lizzo. Brown claimed that she and Wright had been together for ten years and that he left her for Lizzo when he found success. This revelation has likely strained Lizzo and Wright’s relationship even further.

Lizzo’s previous comments on her relationship with Wright

In a 2022 interview with Howard Stern, Lizzo spoke about her commitment to her relationship with Wright. She emphasized the importance of communication and clarity in their partnership. According to Hello!, Lizzo said, “We’re not playing any games with each other anymore. We’re very much locked in.” These words suggest a strong bond between the couple, making the current situation all the more surprising.

In conclusion, the status of Lizzo and Myke Wright’s relationship remains uncertain. While Lizzo’s spokesperson denies any breakup, there are conflicting reports and evidence suggesting otherwise. Fans eagerly await further updates and hope for a resolution that brings happiness to both Lizzo and Wright.


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