Love Blooms: Taylor Hale Spills on Her Electrifying Dinner Date with ‘Big Brother’ Sensation Kyland Young—An Unforgettable Experience!


A Date Night Confirmed: Taylor Hale and Kyland Young Go on a Romantic Date

Who doesn’t love a Big Brother romance? Season 24 winner Taylor Hale and season 23 alum Kyland Young did go on a date over the summer, Taylor confirmed on The Exclusive With Sharon Tharp podcast while addressing the rumors about the pair’s relationship. “The night of the Big Brother 25 premiere party, Kyland asked me to grab food,” Taylor, 28, said during the Aug. 9 interview. “He’s been a friend. Like anybody else that could have asked me to grab food, I didn’t think anything of it. While we were out there, I kind of picked up on some vibes, and I was like, ‘Oh, wait a minute, is this a date?’ And he said something along the lines of, ‘I would like it to be,’ or, ‘hoping it would be.’”

Kyland Young and Taylor Hale: More Than Just Friends?

Taylor went on to admit that she “enjoyed myself” on her date with Kyland, 32. “He’s always been a really, really great friend to me,” she said about the fourth place finisher from Big Brother 23. “That’s kind of where it is now,” Taylor added about their relationship. She also vented about the “crazy” rumors about her and Kyland, which started around the time of the 2023 Super Bowl while she was still dating fellow BB24 star Joseph Abdin.

Setting the Record Straight

“First of all, I was in a relationship then, and my boyfriend at the time was with me the day before at the Grammys,” Taylor said. “He basically did a 10-hour round trip flight to go from Florida to LA back to Florida so he could go to the Grammys with me and then go to a charity event. And now I’m being accused of cheating on that man. It’s ridiculous. Kyland just happened to be in Arizona at the same time and there was a weird ticket thing happening with me and some friends.”

The Frustration of Rumors

“This is what I mean when I say I’m frustrated about having to explain myself. It gets exhausting,” the former Miss Michigan continued. “It gets overwhelming. You want to defend your character between some half truths, some ridiculous lies, but you try to be as forthright as possible as you can. That’s all.”

Joseph Abdin: The Ex Who Holds Taylor Hale’s Heart

After leaving the Big Brother house $755,000 richer in September 2022 for winning both the show and America’s Favorite Houseguest, Taylor began a relationship with Joseph, 26. “I see a forever with him,” Taylor said in her EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife in November. “We want to make sure we’re taking the right steps and approaching it slowly. We have had the conversations to get through the gunk of the Big Brother house, and now we’re in a very solid, very happy relationship. I really love that guy,” she added at the time.

The End of a Love Story

After dating for six months, Taylor and Joseph confirmed that they broke up with a social media message shared to their followers in April. The reality stars said their decision to split was “best for both of our futures” but they promised fans that they were going to stay “best friends.” The exes happily reunited four months later at the BB25 premiere party in New York City, and Taylor posted a picture of Joseph kissing her cheek, with the caption, “It’s forever.”


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