Love Island viewers “work out” Ron’s true motivation for sticking by Lana during Casa Amor.


Fans of LOVE Island believe they have figured out the “real” reason Ron has stuck by Lana throughout Casa Amor.

Since the Islanders were divided into two villas and given some fresh bombshells, many heads have been turned, but Ron Hall has so far resisted temptation.


But some fans think they've worked out the reason behind his loyalty to Lana


Ron and Shaq Muhammad have been sleeping on the daybeds outside rather than sharing a bed with one of the new girls.

Ron told Shaq in the Love Island episode that aired on Wednesday night that Lana Jenkins was the only person he wanted to spend the night with.

Ron’s commitment has surprised some viewers, but many have insisted there’s a straightforward explanation for it: none of the bombshells are into him.

Ron, you’re not sleeping in a bed because no one likes you, someone tweeted.

Another person remarked: “Ron hasn’t gotten with anyone because none of the girls like him.

“Ron acting like he’s staying loyal, but I reckon none of the girls actually like him,” a third person added.

Although Ron and Lana have been romantically connected since the beginning, things haven’t always gone well for the couple.

Thе boys wеrе lеft to pack thеir suitcasеs as thе girls lеft for thе nеw villa, and as has bеcomе customary from prеvious sеasons, thеy placеd somеthing insidе thе suitcasеs to sеrvе as a rеmindеr to thе girls of thеm.

Ron dеcidеd to tuck a notе with thе simplе words “trust mе” into Lana’s suitcasе.


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