Love’s Last Chance: ‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Hints at Rekindling Connection with Kody Brown as She Embraces the Enduring Appeal of Polygamy



MURRAY, UTAH: In the latest episode of ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18, Meri Brown expressed her desire to mend things with her ex-husband, Kody Brown. Although she didn’t specifically mention Kody, it was clear that she didn’t want the family to abandon polygamy.

During the episode, Meri emphasized the importance of the “big picture family” and stated her wish to have good relationships. However, she remained uncertain about the future, questioning whether it was possible for everyone to come together again.

While Meri and Kody are no longer together and officially divorced as of 2014, their journey continues to be followed by avid fans of the show. Let’s take a closer look at the current status of their relationship and the state of the Brown family.

Are Meri Brown and Kody Brown still together?

Meri Brown and Kody Brown, who got married in 1990, are no longer a couple. They filed for divorce in 2014, which allowed Kody to legally marry Robyn Brown to adopt her children.

The couple claimed their marriage had become “dead,” with Kody expressing regret over not knowing who he was marrying. As their relationship deteriorated, they announced their official split on January 10, 2023.

‘Sister Wives’ Brown family breaks into two as polygamy shatters

The fallout of Meri and Kody’s relationship seems to have divided the Brown family. After their split in November 2021, some members chose to side with Christine Brown, while others remained loyal to Kody.

In a recent episode, Meri mentioned Christine’s departure and how many kids gravitated towards her. This resulted in some members of the family celebrating Christmas with Christine, while others were determined to spend it with Kody.

Kody Brown claims ‘too many lines have been crossed’ as sister wives leave polygamy

In response to the breakdown of relationships within the family, Kody expressed his frustration, stating that the family had been unwilling to change in the right ways to make it functional. He mentioned that too many boundaries had been crossed, leading to a point where he felt he had given too much.

In particular, Kody criticized Christine’s decision to leave polygamy without considering the impact on others. The strain within the family continues to grow as they navigate the challenges that come with their unconventional lifestyle.

As ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate how the Brown family will navigate the complexities of their relationships and polygamous lifestyle. New episodes air every Sunday at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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