Madison Taylor Baez sang and acted in a Netflix show before auditioning for Season 17 of ‘America’s Got Talent.’


Madison “Maddie” Taylor Baez stunned the judges and the audience during Season 17 of America’s Got Talent. Terry Crews hid the 11-year-old singer in the audience before the NBC show to see if the judges would notice her. Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara were among the celebrities who brought her up on stage from the audience. Howie Mandel then pressed the golden buzzer, directing her to the live show round. Before her audition for AGT Season 17 reality TV show, Madison Taylor Baez sang in a Netflix series.

Before auditioning for Season 17 of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Madison Taylor Baez was a Netflix user.

Howie Mandel sent Madison Taylor Baez straight to the live show in Season 17 Episode 2 of America’s Got Talent. Maddie is a talented singer and actor who is 11 years old. Young Selena Quintanilla was her character on Netflix’s Selena: The Series.

In the Netflix video, Baez portrays Selena, an eight-year-old who sings in the kitchen with her father, Abraham. While she sings “Feelings,” he plays his guitar.

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Hiromi Kamata, executive producer and director, instructs Baez on how to sing “without feeling” in a behind-the-scenes clip.

“You’re such an amazing singer,” the director tells Baez, “that you sing with emotion even when you’re trying to sing without emotion because that’s how good you are.”

For those who want to see more of Baez singing before the live rounds of America’s Got Talent Season 17, Selena: The Series is currently streaming on Netflix.

Madison Taylor Baez plays six instruments 

Baez told the story of how she first saw in an interview when she was nine years old. She began singing at home when she was two years old, and she inherited her father’s iTunes account. When she was a child, her father was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. In the hospital, Baez sang for her father. Madison Taylor Baez, the rising Latinx star who sang the National Anthem at various major league sporting events, was dubbed “anthem girl” after he encouraged her to keep singing. In 2021, she was also a contestant on Fox’s Game of Talents.

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“I play six instruments,” she revealed to E! The latest information is available. “I play electric guitar, piano, ukulele, and violin,” says the musician.

Madison Taylor Baez didn’t reveal the other two instruments to the outlet, but they should be revealed in a future episode of America’s Got Talent Season 17 (hopefully).

‘Let The Right One In,’ a Showtime vampire series, stars Madison Baez.

Madison Taylor Baez is also in a new Showtime vampire series called Let The Right One In, according to her Instagram. On Twitter, she discussed the show.

“I’m thrilled to share that my pilot for Showtime’s Let The Right One In has been picked up and will premiere with ten episodes in season one,” Baez says.tweeted,. “I’m playing Vampire Eleanor Kane, and my father is Demian Bichir, who is an Academy Award nominee.”

Mark (Bichir) and Eleanor, who was turned into a vampire at the age of 12, are the central characters of the series. Madison Taylor Baez still has plenty of opportunities in the works if she doesn’t make it far on America’s Got Talent.

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