Making my own Magic Eraser sponges at home costs me about 35 cents and they work just as well as the original.


Sponges like the MAGIC Eraser are great for erasing scuffs, scrapes, and other marks around the house, but they can be expensive.

One neatnik avoided spending the extra money on the genuine article by creating her own equivalent for only 35 pence.


Unlike Magic Erasers, Nicole's DIY sponges only cost 35p each


You’ll need melamine foam, which Nicole Jacques, who posted the hack on Instagram, recommends purchasing from Amazon for as little as 35 pence per sponge.

She went on to say that melamine foam is tougher than the elements that go into making most stains, but more easily scratched than the surfaces those stains are typically found on.

This is how the Magic Eraser can effectively remove stains without damaging the surface beneath or around them.

All you have to do once you have the foam is to soak it in a mixture of half a cup of warm water, one tablespoon of baking soda, and one teaspoon of washing soda.

For cleaning, just give the sponge a quick dunk in water, squeeze out the excess, and you’re good to go.

In Nicole’s words, “I use these to remove scuff marks and debris on my walls and baseboards, as well as my oven door and high-tough surfaces, and of course they work like a charm on the soles of shoes.”

If you’d prefer a biodegradable alternative, you can use the cleaning pro’s mixture on a regular sponge to achieve the same results, though it will take a little more work.

Avoid using the homemade sponges on any surfaces that could be easily damaged.

As soon as they saw Nicole’s video, cleaning enthusiasts flocked to the comments to express their gratitude and tell her they would give the quick fix a try.

One wrote: “This is a game changer!”

A second agreed: “I went to buy these today but had no idea what was in them so I passes. What perfect timing!

“I use these in my car too, thanks for this hack,” another user said.

Note to self: “don’t use on glossy painted surface,” wrote another.


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