Marc Sneyd is unconcerned by Salford’s injury crisis because the team still has plenty of talent.


MARC Sneyd doesn’t care too much about who lines up next to him in a Salford shirt because he’s confident in their abilities.

For example, last week, with only 17 players, they went to Hull and scored 60 points on Hull FC.


The Red Devils’ half back would like to make today even worse for the winless Wakefield team.

The return of Danny Addy from an Achilles injury has given manager Paul Rowley a welcome selection dilemma: where to play him.

However, Sneyd believes small is proving beautiful as he said: “As we’ve such a small squad, we’re training together all the time.

It’s unfortunate when injuries occur, but we have a lot of highly skilled players coming in to fill in.

The fact that we don’t have to make any adjustments is a huge plus.

The evidence is in our performance at Hull, where we were down to almost nothing. No matter who is playing, my faith remains unshaken.

I have no doubt that whoever fills this position will do a good job and understand our style of play. As a veteran player, I feel pressure to contribute more, but I know I don’t have to because of the newcomers.

It’s happened before, and it’ll happen again. We can’t prevent injuries from happening. Do not waste time worrying about them; instead, get to work.

After both of Salford’s wins this season have come on the road, the home team is eager to perform well against Wakefield.

Even though Mark Applegarth’s squad has scored only 24 points in four games, Sneyd is not convinced by the statistics. He is aware of their capabilities, despite the fact that last Saturday’s 14 goals against overshadowed their 60 goals for.

The speaker continued, “I don’t think I’ve ever been in that situation, but I can imagine it being a not very nice place to be.

They haven’t been able to look back and see the bright side by tallying up their tries like we can.

They’ll be very desperate to reach out to us, but we won’t treat that as a sign of weakness. This is a very important game for us. They still have the ability to win thanks to their talented roster.

Sneyd and Salford take on winless Wakefield today


We can score on any team if our offense clicks, but we’ve been focusing a lot on our defense recently. Put on a good show, and then demonstrate our offensive prowess as a result.”

Sneyd, 32, scored goal number 1,000 for his career at his former club, though he didn’t know much about it until Rowley brought it up.

‘I had no idea,’ he confessed to SunSport. The other day when Paul said to me, “Don’t be taking two just because you needed it,” I looked at him like, “What are you on about?”

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It’s great when you get one, right? The number 1,000 is not easy to reach. I put in a lot of work perfecting my kicking, and it’s something I’m very proud of, but I think personal goals are best saved for after you’ve retired.

Just keep kicking them and doing what you can for the time being,” he said.


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