Marcin Wasilewski, a former MMA fighter who won the Leicester title, consumed wine glasses while en route to winning the Premier League.


In a upscale restaurant, MARCIN WASILEWSKI showed his desire for Premier League championship glory by chowing down on a wine glass.

The Polish hardman played for the Foxes for four seasons, inspiring them to win the 2016 championship against all odds.

Marcin Wasilewski laughed as he bit into a wine glass, a former team-mate has revealed


Fearsome center-back Wasilewski, who had a beard, was predicted to switch sports and start cage fighting.

Ritchie de Laet, a former clubmate of the now 42-year-old, has described the Pole’s bizarre antics during his time at King Power.

The captain of Antwerp, De Laet, said of Marcin: “He was truly a very nice person – untypical, but likeable.

He was the kind of person you could laugh with, but who also does some odd things.

“I recall eating with him at a very upscale restaurant.

“All of a sudden, he picked up his glass and bit into it — literally — without even flinching.

Glass fragments could be found everywhere. He laughed as he turned to face me.

I was completely unable to comprehend what he had done.

Ritchie De Laet (left) played over 100 games for Leicester


Wasilewski previously assisted Leicester in 2014, when they won the Championship.

The international player with 60 caps wasn’t the only one on Claudio Ranieri’s team to follow his own set of rules.

This week, De Laet revealed how Jamie Vardy would consume entire bottles of port before games.

The former England striker frequently requested cases of Belgian beer from De Laet’s family and friends.

In Leicester trаining, Mаrcin Wаsilewski scores а spectаculаr free kick.

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