Marcus Smart responds to the Celtics’ inaction, saying, “That’s why you have your attorneys.”


Marcus Smart, Celtics

The Celtics appear resigned to the fact that mystery will be a part of the team — just as sure as if it were occupying a spot on the roster — even as they got down to business with their NBA preseason opener on Sunday.

When Eddie Palladino introduced “the coach of the Boston Celtics, Joe Mazzulla,” the oddity of Ime Udoka’s absence was brought into the Garden.

Udoka has been suspended by the team for the entirety of the current campaign due to multiple policy violations, all of which, according to reliable sources, were caused by improper conduct toward a team member. Udoka has consented to the penalty.

The club has kept the specifics of Udoka’s offenses under wraps in an effort to handle things legally correctly, even going so far as to give the players no additional explanation.

Again, there are legal justifications for keeping the men in sneakers, if not in complete darkness, then at least in a dimly lit area, in order to protect both them and the club.

“I felt like I was leading a fantastic team that was competitive.”

Joe Mazzzula discusses his first game as interim head coach at this link: ZgoUnRssbE

— NBC Sports Boston’s Celtics (@NBCSCeltics), October 2, 2022

Marcus Smart: ‘We Don’t Know Anything’

However, despite the players’ desire to concentrate on their work, the Udoka mystery is unquestionably NOT a non-issue.

That’s the problem, Marcus Smart told Heavy Sports, “We don’t know anything.” “As a result, I’m unsure of what they can and cannot discuss or what the legal justifications are. I don’t want that to be my business, and it’s not my business. They decided on something. They have every right to feel however they want. That is why you have lawyers and other such things. Therefore, they will say whatever they can.

But it’s difficult because we are unsure of what they can say as a result. So, it’s difficult for both parties. We’re here, though, to play basketball. We’ll wait for those guys to figure it out before continuing.

However, it can be puzzling when Matt Barnes appears to be more knowledgeable about the Udoka specifics than the team Ime led to the NBA Finals four months ago.

When there was discussion of a “consensual relationship,” the former NBA player initially voiced his disapproval of the potential punishment.

Following that, Barnes shared a video in which she said, “Last night, without knowing all the facts, I spoke on Ime Judoka’s defense, and after learning the facts after I spoke, I deleted what I posted because this situation in Boston is deep and messy. It’s 100 times more ugly than we all anticipated. It’s not my place to tell you what happened or to condone certain events that occurred. If it eventually leaks, it eventually leaks.

Does Matt Barnes Know More Than Celtics Players?

When it was suggested that it might be a little difficult that Barnes knows more than he and his teammates do, Smart shrugged and offered a half-laugh.

He remarked, “I mean, it is what it is. “I don’t find it strange, you know? Someone who is not directly involved in the situation, such as a member of the team, might find it a little bit simpler to obtain more information than we do. Thus, I’m not shocked. This is how things can develop.

Therefore, we simply need to wait, allow everything to proceed naturally, allow everyone to do their job, and wait until they can inform us of what they can.

In a subsequent interview with Vlad TV, Barnes persisted in suggesting that Udoka might not return to work for more than this season.

To be honest, Barnes said, “Boston will find a way, but if everything works out, he’ll be lucky if he coaches in the NBA again.” Man, it’s pretty heavy. There are just some things you can’t do. I don’t judge; each to his own. Even though I’ve done plenty of things wrong, if everything comes out, it might be particularly hot in the kitchen for him.

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Even though it was only the preseason, the Celtics under their interim coach demonstrated on Sunday against the Hornets that lack of knowledge of specifics was not a barrier to playing blissful basketball. As the Udoka story develops, there will undoubtedly be more drama. They romped to a 134-93 victory by running, passing, and executing plays, perhaps relishing the break from the uneasy drama that had greeted them at training camp.


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