Mason and Scott Disick’s brand-new custom $10k electric motorcycles are on display.


For himself and his son Mason, SCOTT Disick recently purchased two brand-new, high-end electric motorcycles, which he has displayed on Instagram.

The media personality mentioned that Rival Ink Design Company, Thrill Seekers, and Amped Bikes worked together to custom-make the motorcycles.


Side-by-side closeup shot displaying Scott Disick and his son Mason’s new electric dirt motorbikes


Disick first shared an Instagram story on Monday showing the arrival of the two new bikes.

You had to love these new electric motorcycles from @ampedbike, according to the story’s overlay text that mentioned Amped.

The exterior of both bikes is camouflaged in a similar pattern and features the logo of the collaborator Rival Ink.

In his second Instagram story, Disick took viewers on a tour of the bike to show off the graphics of the model in greater detail.

“Amped partnered with @rival_ink and @thrillseekers to build custom bikes for Scott and Mason,” read the caption that appeared on Amped’s repost of Disick’s second Instagram story.

“Full build-out video coming soon.”

It appears that Disick purchased an electric version of Amped’s Talaria Sting.

The retail cost of a Talaria Sting is $4,400, but because of customizations, Disick’s dirt bikes are worth more.

But Disick has been spotted with an electric bike before, not just in his most recent Instagram stories.

The multimillionaire and his ex-girlfriend Sofia Richie were spotted leaving for a romantic motorbike ride along the beach in 2020.

Richiе wrappеd hеr arms and lеgs around Scott as thеy rodе a Supеr 73 along thе Malibu coastlinе. Shе lookеd stunning in a string bikini top and bottoms.

Rеtail pricеs for a Supеr 73 еlеctric motorcyclе rangе from $1,495 to $4,800.

Disick rеturnеd to thе bеach a wееk latеr and was still еnjoying riding thе samе Supеr 73.

Disick posted a walk-around of his custom Amped Talaria Sting bike (pictured above) to give viewers a closer look at the model on Instagram


Amped’s Talaria Sting (pictured above) starts at $4,400



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