‘MasterChef: Back to Win’: Gordon Ramsay Blows Everyone’s Mind With His Tortellini Takedown [Exclusive Clip]

How challenging is it to make homemade tortellini? It’s simple as pie if you’re FOX’s MasterChef: Back to Win judge Gordon Ramsay. Pretty mind-boggling if you are a cook trying to win the competition.

Ramsay briefly demonstrates how to fold lobster tortellini in this exclusive semi-finals clip, but his demonstration seems to cause more confusion than it solves. The cooks are anxious because the outcome of this challenge will determine which three will advance to the finale.

The judges of “MasterChef: Back to Win” acknowledge that folding tortellini requires a lot of practice.

The cooks are in full-blown panic mode as they prepare fresh lobster tortellini when Ramsay commands their attention. He tells the cooks who are ruminating over their dishes, “Look at me please. He gives a tortellini folding demonstration. “Fold it backwards in your hands. Must act quickly. Right to left, left to right. To open the tortellini, push down with your thumb.

Say what?

The judges Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich agree that this method is not simple. Sánchez is heard telling Bastianich, “This is a very difficult technique to master. Whoever says, “This is where you can lose pace,” also knows that this is where you can lose the challenge, in addition to pace.

Is Gordon Ramsay sharing a TikTok with the “MasterChef” chefs?

As the chefs struggle to make their tortellini, Ramsay tries to encourage them to pick up the pace. Ramsay tells Dara Yu to get going as she exclaims, “Oh my gosh.” Christian Green is pondering his next move as he hovers over his tortellini. He responds “Yes, chef!” when Ramsay tells him to move on.

Green confesses, “This is my first time folding a tortellini.”

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Ramsay repeats the technique’s demonstration in an effort to reinforce the lesson, but does it work this time? “Once more, up and over, half moon. Right to left, left to right,” says Ramsay.

Half moon! Green quips in a confessional, sounding like he’s demonstrating the Electric Slide. Push it to the left and the right.

Ramsay tries to provide a more accurate explanation. “Open, like a pinch of lobster.”

Green, however, believes that this demonstration is merely confusing the chefs. “Behave like a lobster with your hand. Why are we dancing on TikToc? I’m adrift.

This dish, according to Gordon Ramsay of “MasterChef: Back to Win,” is “extremely difficult to pull off.”

Ramsay has previously acknowledged that this dish is difficult to master, so he is probably aware that he is pushing his chefs to the limit. Ramsay demonstrates how to make homemade lobster tortellini in a shellfish broth in a 2016 MasterChef episode.

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He claims that “this is a very difficult skill to pull off.” Then Ramsay demonstrates to the chefs how to make the tortellini. Furthermore, his demonstration was quite similar to what he gave the MasterChef: Back to Win chefs. He commands, “Left to right, right to left, over and push.”

A cook exclaims, “Oh, wow,” but isn’t immediately asked to make the tortellini. Ramsay gives a demonstration that is comparable to the one he gave to the MasterChef: Back to Win chefs, but he moves a little more slowly. Additionally, Ramsay is now closer to the chefs.

On Wednesday at 8 p.m., MasterChef: Back to Win will air. on FOX, ET.

Aarón Sánchez claims that judges had to “up the game” for contestants on “Back to Win” on “MasterChef.”

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