Matt Rife Accused of Instigating Conflict with Bunny Hendaya’s Son – Shocking Allegations Unveiled!


Matt Rife Allegedly Picks a Fight with a Child

Matt Rife is once again making headlines, this time for allegedly leaving a controversial comment targeting a child. TikTok star Bunny Hedaya posted a video exposing the comedian for leaving a comment on one of her Instagram videos featuring her son. In the video, Bunny accused Matt of turning a lighthearted moment into a confrontation with a six-year-old. The controversy arose from a joke in Matt’s recent Netflix special, Natural Selection, where he made a quip about astrology. However, the situation escalated when Bunny’s son interjected, and Matt allegedly responded in a way that didn’t sit well with Bunny and her followers.

The Controversial Comment

The incident unfolded when Bunny shared a clip of Matt’s joke about astrology from his Netflix special alongside her son’s response, correcting Matt’s astronomical knowledge. The situation escalated when Matt allegedly left a comment on Bunny’s post, which was later deleted. The alleged comment appeared to make light of her son’s knowledge and even made a controversial reference to Bunny’s income source.

Bunny’s Response

Bunny elaborated on the situation, explaining that her son’s interest in space is well-known among her audience and that the comment was unnecessary and inappropriate. She then proceeded to share the alleged screenshot of Matt’s comment and expressed her disappointment in his behavior. Bunny also defended her work and success while addressing the derogatory remarks made towards her. She closed off her response by demanding that Matt refrain from mentioning her child’s name again.

Backlash and Reactions

Following Bunny’s video exposing Matt’s alleged comment, there was an outpouring of support for Bunny and criticism aimed at Matt. Viewers expressed their disapproval of Matt’s behavior, with many condemning his actions and finding fault in his response to a child. The incident sparked a wave of discussion and criticism towards the comedian’s conduct.


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