Meet the cast of the Lifetime thriller “Girl in Room 13,” which includes Larissa Dias and the late Anne Heche.


The final movie Anne Heche made before her tragic passing is scheduled to come out in September. The storyline of “Girl in Room 13” is based on real events and has human trafficking as its central theme. The film has an impressive and promising cast. The film is a part of the Lifetime television series “Ripped from the Headlines.”

According to Lifetime, the official summary states, “Inspired by real-life events. After receiving an opioid prescription from her doctor at a very young age for a sports injury, Grace (Larissa Dias) developed an addiction to them. She has spent three times in rehab, but she is now prepared to change her life. Grace accepts a position at the restaurant run by her parents under the supervision of her mother Janie (Anne Heche). But her past won’t let her leave, and when her friend forces her to meet Richie (Max Montesi), a former flame and drug dealer, she ends up trapped in a hotel room with no way out.

Grace is held captive by Richie, who repeatedly abuses her, starves her, and makes her consume drugs and alcohol in an effort to break her down so that she will comply and be sold into human trafficking. Janie launches a full-scale search for her daughter, Grace, refusing to give up on her. Elisabeth Rohm is the director. (2022)”

Is “Girl in Room 13” by Anne Heche based on a real event? Human trafficking is highlighted in a Lifetime movie.

Lifetime’s “Girl in Room 13” is still scheduled to premiere in September despite a car accident.

‘Girl in Room 13’ Cast

Anne Heche as Janie

In the Lifetime thriller, Janie is portrayed by the Emmy Award winner. In Heche’s last movie, she plays a crucial role as a mother desperately looking for her kidnapped daughter who was intended to be sold into a human trafficking ring. With the songs “Volcano” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” the 53-year-old became well-known. She has worked on several TV projects, such as “Chicago P.D.” and “All Rise.” Heche lost her life in a fatal automobile collision after hitting a house in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Mar Vista. She reportedly experienced severe burns as a result of the wreck catching fire. On August 12, she was pronounced dead.

Anne Heche was involved in a horrific accident where her speeding car rammed into a home in Los Angeles on August 5 (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

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