Megan Fox Slams ‘Mean, Awful People’ For Picking On Her 8-Year-Old Son For Wearing Dresses.


In a heartfelt new interview, Megan Fox takes aim at bullies who make fun of her son Noah for wearing dresses. Don’t mess with Megan Fox, 35!

People who have cruelly bullied her son Noah, 8, online for wearing dresses have received some harsh words from the Transformers actress. In a July 7 profile with InStyle , Megan described the people who write horrible things about her son as “mean, awful people and cruel people.”

Megan has been outspoken about her son’s ability to choose his own clothes. During a September 2019 appearance on The Talk , she stated that Noah is “really into fashion.” Despite attending a “liberal, hippy school” in California, she said Noah would occasionally choose to wear dresses to school, and that some of his classmates teased him about it. “He still has little boys saying things like ‘Boys don’t wear dresses,’ or ‘Boys don’t wear pink,'” she explained.

The actress spoke out about how hurtful it is for people to write negative things about her son online for expressing himself, as well as some of Noah’s school bullying. “I don’t want him to read that nonsense because he hears it from little kids at his own school who say things like, ‘Boys don’t wear dresses,'” she explained.

Megan Fox has stated that she will allow Noah to wear whatever he wants. (BACKGRID)

$0 Noah has been spotted out and about with Megan and her ex-husband Brian Austin Green in dresses inspired by classic Disney princesses like Elsa from Frozen and Snow White over the years. Throughout the InStyle profile, Megan discussed a variety of topics, including the incredible reassessment of her career recently, the scrutiny she’s faced for dating Machine Gun Kelly (despite the fact that he’s four years younger than her), and being a mom in the entertainment industry. People who question Megan when her children aren’t with her have “archaic” mindsets, according to Megan, who claims that they never ask Brian where the children are when he’s out without them. “You don’t expect a father to be with his children all of the time, but I’m supposed to be at home with my children and not be seen.” They have a second parent. I have to leave, and I don’t always want them photographed, so they don’t accompany me,” she explained. 008



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