Melinda Berry, host of “Dated & Related,” Has a Fairly Public Dating History

The Dated & Related cast is here to network and support their cousins (or siblings, in the case of one pair) in finding love. However, some viewers will undoubtedly be interested in Melinda Berry, the host of the program. She may be familiar to you from the Netflix dating program Too Hot to Handle. How about Melinda Berry’s current boyfriend?

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Melinda is well-versed in the art of discovering (and attempting to discover) a meaningful connection on reality television, even though she isn’t a cast member on Dated & Related looking for love. That may seem contradictory to some, but Melinda clearly believes in the ability of round-the-clock cameras, a luxurious villa, and a cash prize to induce love.

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Melinda and Marvin from ‘Too Hot to Handle.’

Melinda Berry was involved in a love triangle in the movie “Too Hot to Handle.”

Melina got herself into some hot water when she joined the Too Hot to Handle cast for Season 2. Pun not intended. She almost immediately became involved in a love triangle with Marvin Anthony and Peter Vigilante, two other cast members. She ultimately decided on Marvin, and they dated for the majority of the season.

However, Melinda later revealed to Page Six that they split up on the final day of filming. She expressed her “crush” at not being able to resolve the situation to the media outlet. However, it was best for them to end it due to their distance and the fact that COVID-19 protocols at the time prevented her from traveling to Paris frequently enough to maintain a relationship.

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However, Melinda has undeniably been living her best life since Too Hot to Handle. She is a professional model and has more than a million followers on TikTok. She now hosts a reality TV show, of course. And we have a feeling she’ll prefer being on that side of the action to the demanding side the cast deals with.

Who is Melinda Berry from the television show “Dated & Related” dating?

Melinda and Peter actually dated after Too Hot to Handle. They split up, according to Peter on TikTok, around March 2022. However, it appears that Melinda is currently unmarried. She doesn’t appear to be distracted by her developing career because she hasn’t posted any Instagram pictures of any new guys in her life. She does, however, seem to be close with Christian Birkenberger, a cast member of Big Brother 23.

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Christian Birkenberger (@christian_birkenberger) shared a blog entry.

Melinda has appeared in pictures and videos on Christian’s Instagram account, and he frequently comments on her posts. They might just be close friends, yes. However, the fan of Big Brother and Too Hot to Handle desires a crossover romance.

In any case, Melinda is now the host of her own show; therefore, is a guy even necessary at this point? No, is the answer.

Starting on Sept. 1, you can watch Dated & Related on Netflix. 2.

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