Men are always trying to woo me because of my beautiful red hair, but they quickly back off when they discover that I am of Hispanic descent and have high expectations of a relationship.


A REDHEAD Hispanic woman claims that men are always chasing after her, but they quickly lose interest once they discover the commitment and dedication required to date a Latina.

Lovely Ana Saia revealed that her exes always fail to put in the effort necessary to win her love.


The redhead explained her men have to win over her family as well as her


The TikTok star, who has 2.2 million followers, cautioned would-be suitors that they also need her family’s approval.

Ana, while displaying her ferocious pride for her heritage, explained that she is passionate about everything she does, including debate.

The brunette decided to test her online community with a series of multiple-choice questions.

In the priceless video, she questioned whether or not he was “man enough” to date a Latina. Come on, then, let’s find out.

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Whatever you thought you knew before, forget it. which “is wrong!”

She began by hurling a strawberry stuffed animal across the room as an illustration of her point.

She warns potential suitors with an enactment of the first scenario: “If I tell you this is watermelon and you disagree.”

If I give you a taste of my mom’s homemade salsa, all you’ll be able to say is ‘I want more,'” she continued.

This piece of guidance helped readers get ready to accept the next stipulation Ana’s suitors must fulfill.

You’re dating a Latina’s family as well as her, the Las Vegas TikToker warned.

Since they consider us married, you will be invited to many family gatherings.

All these celebrations leading up to the big one, Ana said jokingly, are just warm-ups.

As her intense pop quiz came to a close, the 21-year-old questioned her followers on whether or not they still thought they had what it took to date a Latina.

She said: “Now, do you think you’re ready?

“Really? Well, think again!”

Users were eager to give their ratings and feedback in the discussion thread.

One person commented, “I married a Latina, so I can confirm everything she says.”

Another wrote: “Where do I sign up?”

Finally, a third commented, “The married part is so true! That awkward moment on a first date when everyone treats you like a married couple.

Fourteenth person joked, “I don’t want your mom’s salsa unless it’s spicy.”

Finally, the fifth voice joined in: “Jokes on you… I am a Latina!”

An attractive mother previously shared her frustration that potential suitors shy away from her because they fear she’ll be a single parent forever.

The single parent started a discussion about monogamy and other types of relationships online.

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Another model claimed that whenever men found out her true age, their interest in her dwindled.

Though Rebecca Louise has a large number of devoted followers in the virtual world, she has discovered that this does not necessarily translate to success in the offline dating world.

Another one of Ana's tests was checking if they like her mom's salsa



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